Mike Huckabee: Biden's 'Shut Up and Obey' Strategy Won't Work Long-Term


The Bible tells us in Luke 8:17 (NAS version), “For nothing is concealed that will not become evident, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.”

Or as Shakespeare put it in “The Merchant of Venice,” “Truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long; a man’s son may, but at the length truth will out.” (By the way, “a man’s son” was not a reference to Hunter Biden and his laptops.)

Despite all the power and influence of the government, establishment media and social media, you can only fool the people for so long and hold the lid down on discussion of your chicanery before the under-the-radar chatter finally explodes into the public sphere.

We’re seeing that happening all around us these days, with the erupting backlash against attempts to censor everything from discussion of vaccine side effects to the origins of COVID-19 to the efficacy of natural immunity to questions about the 2020 election.

Attacking those who speak up only works for so long, particularly when influential people start speaking up, whether it be Eric Clapton, Nikki Minaj or French tennis pro Jeremy Chardy, who says he’s suffering intense pain after getting vaccinated and it’s derailed his tennis career.

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As noted in the linked story, that’s not meant to discourage vaccination, since the potential side effects are still less of a risk than COVID. But if you’re asking everyone to take a shot who might have even a tiny chance of serious side effects, then you can’t just order them to shut up and take it without question or else lose their job and all their rights, which is the autocratic method the Biden administration has chosen.

Right now, Americans are scared enough of COVID to go along with that, but “shut up and obey” is not a strategy that will work long-term in this country.

Likewise, after being silenced and shamed for months into not questioning any aspects of the 2020 election, the indictment of a top Democratic lawyer on charges related to lying to the FBI to frame Trump and his people for Russian collusion has many people finally speaking up.

Some are even prominent Trump-hating liberals who suddenly seem to have taken the red pill and awakened to what we’ve been telling you here for years now.

Do you think people are waking up to the Democrats' propaganda and censorship?

Here are two stunning examples: Liberal British comedian Russell Brand admitted he was “in awe, gobsmacked, flabbergasted and startled” by the indictment of Michael Sussman and the realization that Trump was right about a conspiracy to frame him.

Like too many people, Brand was getting his news from outlets that went on 24/7 about “Russian collusion” as “absolute fact,” so he assumed it must be true (a rookie mistake when watching CNN.)

Brand said he wanted to believe that the Democratic Party is the party of “inclusivity, and diversity and truth and social justice and all great, positive ideas” (yep, that’s the image they push, like putting a bouquet of flowers on a pack of cigarettes.)

But, he said, “To discover that this was propaganda, a construct, a confection by the Democratic Party — who, of course, are now in government — is kind of beyond disappointing, because you begin to question and query what other things may not be true.”

Yes, and you should! Good for you, Russell. Embrace the truth, and it shall set you free. For a start, you’re welcome to subscribe to my newsletter, which is also free.

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Another example also comes from Britain, but let’s hope it reflects what’s happening here too.

Writer Rob Liddle in the Sunday Times of London is still a Trump hater (as you can tell from his article), but his blinders have started to slip. He admits, “So Trump was right” about the election being rigged against him, and, “The American public is slowly waking up to the fact that they are being led by an ineffectually devious, senile halfwit.”

Maybe someday, he’ll wake up to the fact that Trump wasn’t just a victim of the cabal; he was the only person standing between it and the rest of us and fighting it. But that might take a handful of red pills for some people to see.

Note that he makes the same point that I have made repeatedly: You don’t even have to go into conspiracy theories about hijacked voting machines or stuffed ballot boxes.

Just the collusion between deep state operatives, leftist billionaires, the media, political figures, lawyers, Big Tech and social media to make sure voters heard only one side of the story was enough to tilt the election — and they’ve openly bragged about how successful that was.

They even hail themselves as heroes for making sure the “right” person won by suppressing “unwanted elements of US political conversation” – as determined by them, of course.

Liddle points out that Time magazine said this cabal wasn’t subverting democracy by rigging the election; they were “fortifying” the election. We all need to start speaking up to make sure they don’t “fortify” any more elections.

They do it the way cereal makers used to claim their sugary cereals were “fortified” with vitamins. They claim it’s good for you, but it’s just a thin coating over a bowl of junk.

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