Mike Huckabee: You Can't Condemn White Supremacists Any Harder Than Trump Already Has


I couldn’t believe during the debate that Joe Biden once again gave his dramatic recitation about the white supremacists with neck veins bulging at Charlottesville and how President Trump called them “very fine people” (he’s claimed that hearing that was the catalyst for him deciding to run for president), and Chris Wallace didn’t inform him that he couldn’t possibly have heard it because it’s fake news.

It’s a lie so glaring that even liberal news outlets have debunked it.

For about the 100th time: Trump said there were very fine people on both sides of the argument about removing Confederate monuments, but that the white nationalists should be “condemned totally.”

Frankly, at this point, I can see only two reasons why Biden would keep telling this long-exposed lie.

Either he’s an idiot who doesn’t know it’s been debunked out the wazoo.

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Or he’s willing to keep repeating a known slanderous falsehood in an attempt to deceive black voters into thinking their president is a racist who hates them, which is a vile, cynical and incredibly corrosive thing to do, as well as being transparently dishonest.

I will give Biden the respect to assume that he is not an idiot.

Biden’s willingness to retail such a horrible lie to gin up racial suspicion and division should have been the big story, since it ought to disqualify him as president.

But as expected, almost all of the post-debate media coverage focused on how “outrageous” it was that Trump refused to condemn white supremacists.

Do you think the media's coverage of Trump's debate comments has been dishonest?

Here’s a headline from the “paper of record” (quotation marks well-earned), The New York Times: “Trump Refuses to Denounce White Supremacy…”

And from NPR (your tax dollars at work): “Trump Declines to Denounce White Supremacy.”

But as a post-debate rewatch of the tape showed (the only harder job was having to write the transcript!), Trump did agree to denounce white supremacists; it just got buried in all the loud crosstalk.

If you don’t believe a conservative outlet, even the reliably liberal “fact-check” site Snopes could only give the claim a “mixed” rating, which in the case of any Trump accusation usually means “We tried every way possible to keep from admitting it’s false, but we just couldn’t.”

Incidentally, how many times is Trump expected to do this?

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He’s never courted these vile people, and they in no way represent his supporters. It’s based on a straw man accusation from the left about Trump’s supporters whom they just can’t believe would have legitimate reasons to vote against them (is the media saying that nearly 63 million Trump voters are all white supremacists?)

While Biden never condemns BLM or antifa rioters, Trump’s had to condemn and disavow these racist jerks on multiple occasions, including David Duke, the KKK and the thugs in Charlottesville in the very comment that Biden keeps misquoting.

And speaking of the KKK, if Trump supports white supremacists, how come just last week he vowed to designate both antifa and the KKK as terrorist organizations? You can’t condemn anyone harder than that.

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