Mike Huckabee: Clear Proof of Flynn Setup Is Just the Beginning


“I don’t think we have seen the beginning of the reality of what was going on in this faux investigation, from the top to bottom.”

That’s Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice, commenting on Sean Hannity’s TV show Thursday night about revelations in the Michael Flynn case. He’s right; there is much more to come.

But one thing we know for sure is that James Comey deliberately set Flynn up, and he did it because he assumed he could get away with it. He almost did.

Flynn attorney Sidney Powell really is the hero in all this; I nominate her for “Person Of The Year.” She has changed history.

If she hadn’t gone after the powers that be like a pit bull, Flynn, an innocent political victim, would have been stuck with a coerced guilty plea and would never have been exonerated. (Flynn truly is vindicated from this day forward –- Trump was right to hold off on a pardon for now and let Powell do her work instead.)

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Oh sure, the same books and columns would have been written exposing what the intelligence community had been up to, and the people who actually read them would have been aware of the travesty, but it wouldn’t have made any difference in the life of Michael Flynn and others who were abused by the system.

Thanks to Powell, and also to the doggedness of Attorney General Bill Barr, U.S. Attorney John Durham and U.S. attorney Jeff Jensen (who has also been reviewing the case), the scheme to take Flynn down is in the process of being exposed.

There must be accountability.

Powell appeared on “Hannity” this week as well, saying that the case absolutely must be dismissed, “preferably for government misconduct,” and that in any event the guilty plea has got to be thrown out, as there is finally documentation that Flynn was coerced in “a secret side deal” involving the threat of prosecution of Flynn’s son, who himself had just become the father of a newborn baby.

Do you think the media is covering Flynn's case fairly?

She recapped the story we already know, that they “tried one thing after the other,” starting with the Russia hoax (they’d been trying to falsely associate him with Russians since 2014-15), which failed to find anything on Flynn.

Now we have a revealing timeline for January 2017. On Jan. 4, the FBI file was closed on the Flynn investigation, “Crossfire Razor,” with “no derogatory information” found. When FBI agent Peter Strzok heard this, he texted an unknown recipient, “if you haven’t closed RAZOR, don’t do so yet.” (Recipient: “Okay.”)

On Jan. 5, President Obama met in the Oval Office with Comey and the crew; Christopher Steele also “wiped” his records, including those on Fusion GPS.

On Jan. 6, Comey briefed Trump on the “dossier” to give Buzzfeed and CNN a “hook” for using the story. It goes on from there; January is ‘abuzz’ with activity, both before and after Trump’s inauguration.

I’ll refer you to Sara Carter for a rundown of the documents released on Thursday.

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These communications are absolutely stunning, particularly the texting among Strzok, Lisa Page and Bill Priestap about how they planned to question Flynn. Texts between Strzok and Page also reveal that they substantially rewrote the original 302 of the ambush interview in order to eventually charge Flynn with a crime he never committed.

Unfortunately, there are still some redactions in the texts as released, but what these people were doing is obvious.

One disturbing piece of information that might explain a lot: According to Powell, the person who advanced the career of Andrew Weissmann, a prosecutor for Robert Mueller, was none other than … (drum roll, please) … our current FBI director, Christopher Wray. Wray was Weissmann’s supervisor when they were at the Department of Justice, “running roughshod over the rights of everyone in Houston.”

“There are people there who still have nightmares as a result of [Weissmann’s] conduct,” she said to Hannity, “in violation of everyone’s rights, naming over 100 people as unindicted co-conspirators, forcing them to ‘lawyer-up,’ threatening witnesses right and left, every variety of prosecutorial misconduct you can imagine. He was a terrorist of a prosecutor. And he was handpicked for that job by Michael Chertoff and Bob Mueller and James Comey and people like that, during the Bush administration.”

That’s right, “the swamp” predates Obama, but his administration sure did take full advantage of it.

Since Wray was presiding over all of this earlier in his career, Powell has no illusions that as FBI director he will seriously address the corruption. I would really like to know the backstory of how he got that job. Surely there was a lot Trump didn’t know when he appointed him. Wray does serve “at the pleasure of the president,” and it’s hard to imagine that the president is at all pleased.

There are similar questions about Robert Mueller.

As Sekulow mentioned Thursday, the documents and notes that have just been released had the same notation: “OSC,” for “Office of Special Counsel.” So where was Mueller? If he had been doing his job, those documents would have been turned over to the defense. But, no, he said, “the Weissmanns of the world were running that office.”

One must-read article about the misconduct in this case is by Jonathan Turley at The Hill. He went down the list of FBI officials who have lied and otherwise “acted in arguably criminal or unethical ways,” such as leaking and falsifying evidence, but have not been charged.

In Turley’s words, “the disconnect of these cases with the treatment of Flynn is galling and grotesque.”

Turley also had plenty to say about the presiding judge in the case, Emmet Sullivan, who has treated Flynn shamefully. “Even the federal judge used Flynn to rail against what he saw as a treasonous plot,” he wrote.

Of course, Turley was referring to the phony “Russia hoax” plot, not the actual plot that was going on inside Sullivan’s own courtroom, courtesy of the DOJ and FBI.

Now watch the media pull out all the stops trying to dismiss or rewrite this.

Turley is no Republican or Trump cheerleader, but he’s objective enough to recognize a miscarriage of justice when he sees one. His commentary here is magnificent.

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