Mike Weinberger: President Trump Was Misled by the Medical and Media Swamps


When we talk about the “swamp” we are usually talking about government corruption in Washington, but I suggest that there are different types of corruption.

There is the simple type in which a government employee takes a bribe or steals cash, but there is also the type in which he steals your rights and takes away your freedom.

Government bureaucrats love to do that. They love power. They love to tell children that they cannot sell lemonade without a permit or landowners that they cannot develop their land because dusky gopher frogs who once lived there may want to move back.

So I include government bureaucrats who love ordering people around as “swamp dwellers.” They are dishonest.

And while we are on the topic of dishonesty, what about the lying mainstream media? If they lie about the president and run interference for Peter Strzok, are they members of the media swamp? I think so.

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Which brings us to the coronavirus. I suggest that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx and all the other government bureaucrats who tried to scare the wits out of us are medical swamp dwellers. They love the attention they are now getting — not to mention the power. Remember, they are government bureaucrats.

They misled President Trump when they told him hundreds of thousands of Americans would die because of the virus. They haven’t. And even the figure of 50,000 deaths they have reported may not be entirely accurate, because, as Dr. Birx admitted, coronavirus is being listed as the cause of death whenever someone dies and tests positive for virus exposure. But dying with the virus is not the same as dying because of the virus.

Indeed, the medical swamp’s projections about the virus have been wildly inaccurate. Why? Because their computer projections stink. They are garbage, and as the saying in the computer industry goes: “garbage in, garbage out.”

What do I mean by that? Here’s an example:

Do you think President Trump has been misled by the advice of medical experts?

Let’s say you set up a Girl Scout Cookie stand and immediately after you open up, in the first five seconds, you sell a box of cookies. That does not mean you will sell 12 boxes a minute and 720 boxes an hour.

If you did that, you would sell 2,880 boxes of cookies in four hours, but I am quite sure that no Girl Scout Cookie stand has ever done that. Ever. In the entire history of the Girl Scouts. Or in the entire history of people eating cookies.

But if you “projected” your sales based on the first five seconds the stand was open, you could “project” to sell almost three thousand boxes of cookies in four hours. Obviously, this is a garbage number. As I said: “garbage in, garbage out.”

So President Trump was given garbage numbers by the medical swamp — and then the media swamp jumped in. They lie all day long and they love exaggeration. That’s how they attract a large audience and that’s how they sell advertising.

And the media swamp also jumped in because their members hate President Trump. That also motivated them to exaggerate the coronavirus pandemic. It gave them a brand new “TAA” — Trump Attack Angle — and it allowed them to claim that President Trump was managing the crisis poorly.

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So the economic disaster we are in the middle of enduring was caused by two swamps: the medical swamp and the media swamp, and for good measure, the Democrats jumped on board as well. That made it a three-member swamp team. What a mess this swamp team has created. Over twenty million Americans unemployed!

But the good news is that it is still not too late to reverse most of the damage the swamps have caused.

If pressure to reopen the economy builds, aided by local efforts such as those underway in New Orleans, we can recover most of those jobs and limit the power of the swamp dwellers.

Let’s hope our economic reopening takes place quickly, before any more damage is done. And let’s kick the swamp dwellers right in the rear.

They do not deserve the power and attention they so desperately seek and so frequently steal.

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