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'Miracle' Dog Trapped in Hurricane Debris for Three Weeks Finally Reunited with Rescuers

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Great Abaco Island was hit hard in September when many people were flooded out of their homes and livelihoods. Many have been left to cobble together whatever they can and try to return to some form of normalcy in the Bahamas.

Since the waters abated, relief efforts have been ongoing. While there are groups dedicated to assisting humans displaced by the hurricane, there are also groups — like Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Florida — that have been working on getting the canines resituated, as well.

One of the most heartbreaking but encouraging cases came in the form of a dog who was aptly named “Miracle.” He likely never would have been found if Sean Irion, a volunteer with the rescue, hadn’t used a drone with heat-seeking sensors to discover the poor dog trapped under an air conditioning unit.

“Seeing this poor little darling dog just trapped underneath there and thinking about how hard he fought to stay alive,” president of the rescue, Lauree Simmons, told “Today.” “We had Miracle in our arms within two hours of him being rescued.”

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The dog was severely malnourished, and the rescue team estimated he’d been trapped for around three weeks, limited to drinking what rainwater he could reach.

As a result, he was emaciated, and though it was a miracle he was alive at all, it would take another miracle for him to survive.

“We found our Miracle,” Big Dog Ranch Rescue wrote on Oct. 5. “Rescue workers did not see him — nobody did.”

“They couldn’t hear the little dog either — starving, dehydrated, too weak to even whine. He was buried, trapped in the rubble under a broken air-conditioner amid piles of debris that lay sad testament to the strength of the Category 5 hurricane that in September virtually destroyed Marsh Harbor… He is a true Miracle!”

“Miracle is being assessed this weekend by our wonderful medical team,” the Facebook post continued. “He is going to need a lot of help for his recovery… Please keep an eye on this page to see more updates about this true Miracle who just barely survived the storm.”

Since the team found the poor pup, they’ve kept fans and followers updated as well as urged anyone who can to donate to help Miracle and the other dogs they’re caring for. According to their website, the organization helped rescue over 130 dogs from the Bahamas alone.

“We are taking care of our Miracle baby at Big Dog Ranch Rescue,” the rescue wrote in an Oct. 7 Facebook post. “He has a long road to recovery, but for now, he is comfortable and he is eating and gaining a bit of strength!”

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After spending a few days recovering in the safety of the shelter, Miracle got to meet again with the original team that rescued him, according to NBC News.

Miracle didn’t come without his issues — besides needing to be fed small amounts every two hours to help his body adjust to food again, he was also anemic and has heartworm. He’ll need a lot of time, resources and attention to become healthy again, but thankfully he’s in the care of some very kind people.

“He is in amazing hands now, and we will continue to give him the love and support he needs as he recovers,” the rescue assured readers in its post. “We will keep you posted on his journey!”

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