Mitch McConnell Mocking AOC's Green New Deal on the Senate Floor Is Best Thing You'll See Today


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gave the socialist left a reality check last week by pointing out the absurdities of the “Green New Deal” in an epic speech on the Senate floor.

“Our nation has watched the Democratic Party take a sharp and abrupt left turn toward socialism, a flawed ideology that has been rejected time and again across the world,” McConnell said.

The prime example of the left’s turn toward socialism is the Green New Deal, which McConnell described as a “self-inflicted national wound.”

The deal was proposed by self-identified socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and it’s a radical plan that aims to combat climate change by spending trillions of dollars in taxpayer money.

McConnell highlighted the most ridiculous aspects of Ocasio-Cortez’s absurd plan.

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“Democrats have decided every building in America needs to be either overhauled or replaced altogether,” McConnell said.

“They’re putting homeowners and small business owners on alert. The all-knowing central planners here in the nation’s capital are raring to remodel the entire country.”

McConnell also pointed out that Democrats want to end “all fossil fuel and nuclear energy production,” despite the effectiveness of nuclear energy.

And of course, the senator also mentioned the worst part of the Green New Deal — economic security for Americans “unwilling to work.”

Did McConnell's comments make you laugh?

“All this and more, Mr. President, can be ours for the low, low price of a staggering expansion of centralized government and — wait for it — upwards of a mere $93 trillion,” McConnell said mockingly.

McConnell also provided a few statistics to put the massive price tag of the Green New Deal into perspective.

“It’s more than the combined annual GDP of every nation on Earth,” McConnell said.

“This amount of money could rebuild the entire interstate highway system every year, just for the heck of it, for 250 years,” McConnell continued, “and you’d still have a little left over.”

McConnell tried his best to hold back a smile as he talked about Ocasio-Cortez’s laughable plan.

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“For the comparatively cheap price of just $66 trillion, I’m told the government could buy every American a Ferrari,” McConnell mocked. “What a great idea?”

“But of course everyone would have to get their driving in before Democrats ban the internal combustion engine.”

Toward the end of his speech, McConnell got serious about the left’s “fantasy novel.”

“So to be clear: $93 trillion is just one number in one attempt to estimate the price tag of this fantasy novel.

“And the proposal is so lacking in details and math that it’s almost impossible for analysts to even know where to begin trying to connect it to the real world.”

The Green New Deal might be fun to laugh at, but it’s also a worrying proposal that should be taken seriously as an indication of where Democrats would like to lead the country.

Multiple Democratic presidential candidates have already voiced their support for the plan, and that’s not good news for the nation’s future or the future of the Democratic Party.

As McConnell’s speech explained, the Green New Deal is a disaster waiting to happen.

And there’s nothing funny about that.

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Malachi Bailey is a writer from Ohio with a background in history, education and philosophy. He has led multiple conservative groups and is dedicated to the principles of free speech, privacy and peace.
Malachi Bailey is a writer from Ohio with a passion for free speech, privacy and peace. He graduated from the College of Wooster with a B.A. in History. While at Wooster, he served as the Treasurer for the Wooster Conservatives and the Vice President for the Young Americans for Liberty.
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