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MLB Player Hands Out $100 Bills to Unsuspecting Drive-Thru Workers All Over Town


There has been a slew of videos lately of people with means handing out impressive tips for no reason other than to spread cheer. Not everyone can afford to drop hundreds of dollars in one go just to ignite a smile, but some can and do.

There are many different reactions people have to this kind of generous outpouring.

Some recipients can’t believe the money is real, and keep their expressions calm and controlled because they’re sure it’s all a farce. They’ve seen things go wrong too many times to naively expect something different this time around.

Others seem genuinely stunned. They stand there, mouth open, like a fish out of water, just staring at the giver and unable to say much of anything.

Then there are those who only seem able to say things. Their outbursts generally include wonder, amazement, questioning, and good-natured profanity.

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Alex Bregman, an infielder for the Houston Astros, decided to spend Christmas Eve doling out tips to the people who least expected it. Sure, people at a sit-down restaurant might expect some patron to be feeling especially generous and leave them a sizable gift, but who tips fast-food workers?

Loading up the car with friends and filmers, Bregman drove through the Houston area, going through the drive-thrus of various chain establishments and surprising the people at the window with hundred dollar bills.

They posted the resulting video on YouTube, captioning it with “Breg and The Boys set out to do some Christmas giving and give back to the community of Houston. Alex Bregman tips drive-thru workers $1200.”


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The first location is Jack in the Box, where they order curly fries and water. After getting their bottle and bag, Bregman asks the man at the window if they accept tips. He says yes, so a $100 bill is handed over and the car drives off as the stunned man backs away from the window in shock.

They continue on, ordering random items and surprising the employees with cold, hard cash. Some think the money is fake, others think this must be part of an elaborate set-up.

At one location, they ask how many people are working there that day, and then fork out $700 — $100 for each employee. The woman at the window can’t believe their good fortune.

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WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

“You’re lying!” she accuses, but the men in the car reassure her they’re not. One even tells her to check it and run their marker over it to make sure.

“No, I’m gonna cry! You for real?!” she continues before settling into the idea of a windfall. “Thank you so much! Oh my gosh.”

It’s safe to say that Christmas was a bit more merry and bright for the recipients of this generosity. While some may question the filming and wonder if it’s all just a publicity stunt, it was quite real for the people who ended up with the cash, and it’s a joy to see their reactions.

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