Mom 8 Months Pregnant with Twins Starts Seeing Blurry, Doctor Says It's Cancer


Just six weeks before her twins were due, Jessica Boesmiller, 37, began to notice blurred vision in her right eye.

Worried about her babies, she went to the doctor thinking she would possibly need to start wearing glasses.

But her visit to an ophthalmologist-retina specialist went much differently. Jessica left the doctor’s office with a recommendation to seek treatment for ocular melanoma.

The rare type of eye cancer was the last thing she was expecting, especially while awaiting the arrival of her third and fourth children.

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However, doctors have recently noted a startlingly concentrated number of cases of the disease in her area.

After a seven-hour appointment two weeks later, Jessica and her husband learned that she had a very large tumor. Doctors recommended removing her eye completely.

Before doing so, however, they were still concerned that the cancer had metastasized to other parts of her body.

The decided to perform an ultrasound to check for spreading as well as a biopsy of the eye to determine the best treatment.

Less than a month before the twins were born, doctors performed surgery to remove Jessica’s eye in hopes of keeping the cancer from spreading to the babies.

On Dec. 21, the Boesmillers finally welcomed their new baby girl and baby boy into the world. And just days later, the received the news they’d been waiting for: their babies were healthy and cancer-free.

“Blessed Joy and thankfulness. That is what I felt when I found out the twins’ placentas were negative for melanoma,” Jessica wrote in a Facebook post. “Let me write that again. Twins are negative for this evilness that is called cancer.”

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And while the family are thankful that babies Mason and Piper are cancer-free, Jessica and her family may still have a long road ahead.

After spending a few days focused on her newborns, she went back to the hospital on Dec. 29 for an MRI. The results of the scans have yet to be revealed.

Although the Boesmiller family anxiously awaits the news, they remain positive and ask for prayers as they put their faith in God to see them through this difficult time.

“Blessed. That my God is holding me in His hand, carrying me through the times I am weak, and for giving me this family to care for,” Jessica wrote on Facebook.

“Joyous. That I have so many prayer warriors in my Army, so many reaching out their support and love to us all.”

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