Mom of Female Athlete Speaks Out After Daughter Loses Track Meet to Male: 'Heartbreaking'


As the left continues to push the transgender agenda on the country, one mother is speaking out against it after her daughter lost a track race to a male.

According to the Daily Caller, on Saturday a man pretending to be a woman who goes by the name of Athena Ryan from Sonoma Academy in California, won the 1,600-meter race at the CIF-North Coast Section Meet of Champions, costing the fourth-place runner a spot in the state championship.

Now, the mother of one of the actual girls running the race, who has chosen to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, is speaking out about how opportunities for women and girls are being stolen by men.

“It’s heartbreaking to see what happens to these kids and how scared they are to even show the slightest bit of body language that might indicate that they aren’t happy with it,” she said. “They’re, like, forced to celebrate it.”

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She also pointed out that at the end of the race, Ryan was able to drastically accelerate and pass several of the runners, something that biology prevented the girls from doing, giving him an unfair advantage.

“Women cannot access that thing that he did at the end … he just blows by everybody. It’s like the girls are standing still. You almost think that, like, ‘wow, is he actually holding back?’” the mom said. “A male in cross country, he finished 63rd and he is now competing with the top athletes in the nation. It’s a joke.”

Obviously, this is really heartbreaking to see, but unfortunately, it is hardly surprising at this point, given that the left, which once claimed to stand for women’s rights, has completely abandoned women in favor of transgenderism.

The phenomenon of transgenders competing in women’s sports is the most concrete demonstration of this insane new woke philosophy at work.

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Perhaps the most egregious example of this is the case of Lia Thomas, a man pretending to be a woman who competed on the University of Pennsylvania swim team against women and crushed the competition.

Since then, one of his former opponents, Riley Gaines, an alumna of the University of Kentucky, has gone on to become the face of the movement to save women’s sports from exploitation by men like Thomas.

Fortunately, Gaines is not alone in her efforts to save women’s sports, and this latest track meet in California shows that parents across the country are concerned for their daughters as they compete in school sports.

Payton McNabb, a high school student who was injured playing volleyball against a male, told the Daily Caller, “Again and again, female athletes are being pushed aside to make room for biological males in women’s divisions. This isn’t right, and it isn’t fair.”

Of course, the fad of transgenderism is an absolute outrage. Not only is it an issue of fairness when it comes to women’s sports, but more broadly, there is the biological reality that a man cannot become a woman.

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Men and women are built differently, they think differently. To say otherwise is to deny reality and to live in a delusional fantasy world.

But in recent years, the left has been more than willing to indulge those fantasies, either unaware, or just ignoring, the damage that it does to those who become transgender, and those around them.

The phenomenon of males competing in women’s sports is only one symptom of this whole delusional worldview.

It is time to end the insanity that is transgenderism and acknowledge biological reality.

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