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Mom Horrified When Curious Toddler Finds Rusty Deadly Weapon Hidden Under Stairs

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Growing up, I always had this secret ambition to find a long-lost treasure. I read a lot of books that described bands of pirates searching for lost treasure.

I used to hide a shoe box filled with rocks and other small trinkets in my backyard, craft a poorly drawn map and imagine I was a pirate navigating foreign land looking for treasure.

Even though I’m older and can no longer play that game without concerning people, I still get a rush of adrenaline whenever there’s a possibility of finding “treasure.” That’s why I tried geocaching in college.

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Just the idea of discovering something and then researching its history sounds like such a thrill!

Andrew, a four-year-old boy in Chesterfield, Virginia shares my curiosity for discovering treasure. He had been begging his mom for weeks to explore the crawl space under the laundry room to see what was hiding underneath.

His mother, Sarah Hacke, was hesitant at first, but finally allowed him to check it out.

He quickly found some glass bottles and jugs along with some other junk, but then he noticed something much larger in a dark corner.

It was further away than Andrew felt comfortable going on his own. He called in reinforcements, aka his dad, to see what the mysterious item was.

When Andrew’s dad pulled it out, they discovered it was a rusty, old bomb!

“My first thought was we shouldn’t be handling it and step back, but after seeing it had rusted through in a couple spots and it wasn’t heavy, we kinda figured it wasn’t ‘hot’ anymore,” Sarah said.

The previous owner of their home was a World War II Navy veteran, so they thought that he must have just forgotten to tell anyone that it was there.

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Local authorities came to make sure that the bomb was safe and even searched the home for other “treasures.”

After police confirmed everything was safe, Andrew got to take some pictures with his find. His face shows just how proud he is.

Andrew got to be a real treasure hunter that day and I’m sure it’ll inspire him to keep exploring.

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