Mom Sees Age 14 Son on TV for Carjacking Elderly Woman at Walmart, Calls Cops on Him


Children typically give their parents many moments of pride and celebration. It can be anything from their first word and first steps to getting good grades and making good choices.

But sometimes, kids disappoint their parents. It can be from not living up to their potential or worse, making poor decisions that will affect the rest of their life.

It is in these moments that parents become truly tested in the best way to be the best possible parent for their child.

The conflict between wanting to protect your child and wanting to do what is ultimately right for your child can be an absolute nightmare to go through.

For one unidentified Florida mom, that nightmare became her reality when she saw her son, 14, in a surveillance video released by the sheriff’s department. It showed a car being stolen at gunpoint, reported the Bradenton Herald.

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It was at this point that she had a difficult decision to make. The distraught mother shared her decision as to what to do with CBS Miami, “It is really difficult for me. I’m the one who turned my son in.”

She explained that she felt she had no other choice but to turn him in after seeing him participate in the armed theft of an 81-year-old woman’s car.

“I do not condone anything like this. When I saw it, I call the police right away and have them come and get him.”

The elderly victim, unidentified for safety reasons, shared how she responded to the three youths approaching her in a Walmart parking lot and demanding her car keys, “My answer was, ‘Why?’ — and smiling. […] I was friendly because they were kids.”

The fact that they are “kids” has not escaped the notice of the public. Some on social media have weighed in with comments specifically about the young age of the suspects.

According to CBS Miami, the victim shared the concern some on social media have expressed about the future of these and other youths.

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“Where are we going, where is the future for that kind of kids.” The Bradenton Herald wrote that as of Jan. 24, 2018, the police were still looking for Shaquille Dixon’s two accomplices.

An Associated Press report published by The Seattle Times noted that Dixon confessed to his role in the crime after his arrest.

The article noted that in an interview with the Sun Sentinel, Chief Assistant Public Defender Gordon Weekes stated the youth had apparently not been “in this sort of trouble” previously.

There was no immediate word published as to what charged Dixon may face or what consequences those charges may come with.

As a minor and first-time offender, who did confess upon arrest, he may face lighter consequences than his accomplices.

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