Mom Speeds to ER after Baby Hits Head on Floor. Sees Strange Car Riding Her Tail


Brandy Lancaster was racing down the highway at 6:15 p.m. on Jan. 30 with her 20-month-old son in the backseat.

The boy had been sick the entire weekend after being diagnosed with croup and strep throat. He’d also hit his head on the tile floor of a restaurant after Brandy slipped while holding him in her arms.

By Monday morning, the baby woke up with a fever and eventually threw up. It lasted the entire day, and when they were on their way to the emergency room that night, he began throwing up again.

But suddenly, the boy started choking, and Brandy knew her only hope was to get him to the hospital as fast as she could.

Speeding down the road at 90-100 mph with her hazards on, she noticed a strange car quickly began tailing her.

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She kept driving all the way to the hospital, and as soon as she parked the car, the stranger that had been following her jumped out of the car.

It turned out that the stranger was a nurse, and knew the mother was in trouble. She rushed over to the baby, who was unresponsive in his carseat, and began medical treatment.

The nurse then rushed him into the hospital, telling staff exactly what was needed to get him immediate help.

And thanks to the brave nurse following her instincts, the baby was able to be treated and is now in recovery.

In the chaos of the moment, Brandy didn’t ask the nurse’s name. But now Brandy is hoping to find the brave woman to thank her again.

Brandy took to Facebook with a message to the nurse, hoping she may somehow come across it and step forward.

“Nurse, that baby needed you tonight & you pulled through for him, without knowing what the situation entailed,” she wrote.

“I never got your name nor do I recall expressing to you just how very thankful I am for everything you did and that you cared enough to help,” the mother continued.

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“Lord knows, his Mommy was a wreck & was not making much sense. You acted on your instinct when you definitely did not have to & for that myself and my entire family is forever grateful.”

With only a few physical descriptions to go off of, Brandy knew her chances to find the mystery nurse were slim.

But sure enough, by the following day, they’d found the hero nurse. Jenny Rivers, a nurse at the hospital, came forward as the hero that night.

“I’m excited to see you both in a better state of health!!!” Jenny commented on Brandy’s Facebook post. We know that Brandy and her family were glad to be able to thank her in person for her brave actions to save their baby boy.

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