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Mom Starts Crying When She Opens Box To See Replica of Her Engagement Ring: Video


One of the best parts of gift-giving on Christmas is anticipating the response from someone you’ve carefully selected a gift for.

Whether that gift is something lavish like a new car, something incredibly sentimental like a handmade object or something only the giver and receiver would understand and appreciate, the process of selecting a well-fitted gift for someone is an art form.

Perhaps none know that better than Kim Rowell, a successful podcast host, writer and producer from London. Her success was possible in part because of the love and sacrifice of her mother, Denise.

All good mothers do what they can or must do to provide for their family, even when that requires giving some things up.

One of Denise’s sacrifices was selling her engagement ring to pay for bills when her children were young.

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But they remembered that fact, and this year Rowell decided to reiterate her love and appreciation for her mother by getting a replica of that very ring.

On Christmas, she posted a video from the reveal on Twitter.

“My mum had to sell her engagement ring to pay our bills when I was a kid — today we gave her a replacement,” she wrote.

The video shows Denise chatting while opening the box and then snapping open the ring case — but as soon as she lays eyes on its contents, she breaks down.

“It’s beautiful, and it’s pretty much exactly the same!” she says through a mixture of laughter and tears. “Thank you so much.”

The clip and story are simply heartwarming and resonated with many viewers, eliciting even more stories of mothers and the sacrifices they have made through the years.

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“Tears seeing this,” one user wrote. “My single mother sold her beloved typewriter (bank prize for opening most new accounts) to pay for my 5 yr old birthday & Christmas.

“What a beautiful thing to do for your mother. So moved on your & her behalf.”

“[M]y mum’s engagement ring was cut off by medics when she was in a car accident when I was a child,” another wrote.

“In 2011 my dad died, I got it fixed for her and gave it to her on her birthday. She had the same reaction.”

Moms who had been recipients of very special thank-yous chimed in, as well.

“That’s so moving,” another Twitter user commented. “My daughter bought me a limited edition candle with proceeds going to a mental health charity.

“The candle was scented with and called Iris. My aunts name who passed this year. We both had a choked moment these are special moments and what matters.”

Do you have an especially memorable gift from your children, or remember something your mother did for you that really warmed your heart?

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