Mom Transforms Old Bed Sheets into Matching Outfits for Herself & Toddler


Just when you thought moms couldn’t get more amazing, one mom is proving that notion wrong. And she’s doing it with fierce style.

Aspiring fashion designer Alexis Brown has been using her talents for some time creating statement pieces and chic designs when her most notable — and adorable — piece had her followers gushing.

Besides saving money and creating fashionable must-have pieces, Brown had taken mother-daughter outfits to a whole new level as she took the internet by storm and proving you don’t have to sacrifice being thrifty for fashion.

Brown created matching outfits for her and her nine-month-old daughter, Khloe, using none other than bed sheets.

And the chic results speak for themselves.

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The 19-year-old designer told Cosmopolitan that she had just happened to find the floral sheets in a closet at home while she was cleaning.

“I realized how cute [the sheets] were, and I noticed that Khloe obviously thought the same by the excitement on her face,” Brown said. “So I thought, ‘Why not make us matching outfits out of them?'”

“It was a simple yet super cute design,” she added.

Yet, when she had made the outfits, she had only been sewing for a couple months — a true novice in the world of fashion.

However, it hadn’t been long before she began making her mark as inspiration continued to strike.

“I had never sewn before, but to me it came as common sense — next thing I know, I was making all types of things,” Brown admitted. “I would post little projects here and there on social media and my followers would tell me to start selling clothes because they’d love to buy them.”

However, though Brown had a natural talent and passion for what she considered only a hobby, it was the loss of her job that forced her to reconsider it full-time.

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The decision, she admits, wasn’t too hard to make given her strong faith.

“I didn’t get upset because I knew that that was God answering my prayers,” she said. “So that same week [I was fired] I went and got everything registered and opened up my business Lex A’llure.”

And it seems with each passing day, Brown’s business gets more popular, though she admits the cutest — and most popular — of all her designs happened with Khloe.

“Khloe in her dress definitely was my favorite part about the whole thing,” she said.

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