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Moment Cop Saves Life of 3-Week-Old Baby Caught on Dashcam


CPR classes are common for a reason: When someone needs life-saving intervention, there’s no time to look up instructions or watch a how-to video. Immediate action is needed, and so courses and refreshers are necessary for people to be well-informed and drilled on how to react.

First responders definitely know the CPR drill, but they’re not always on the scene when disaster strikes.

Officer Cameron Maciejewski with the Sterling Heights Police Department in Michigan was able to respond quickly on July 9 when a call about a choking infant came in.

Video posted by the police department shows the officer heading down residential streets at night.

As he pulls up to the house, three adults, one carrying a 3-week-old baby girl who isn’t breathing, stream out onto the front lawn and approach the officer.

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“Ofc. Maciejewski calmly takes the baby in his arms and performs back thrusts in attempts to clear the baby’s air way,” the Sterling Heights Police Department shared on Monday. “When doing so, the baby coughs up the obstruction, and begins to cry.”

“If it wasn’t for Ofc. Maciejewski’s quick, calm, lifesaving actions, the outcome of this incident could have been tragically different. Not only did the officer save the baby, but the officer did an outstanding job consoling the family.”

“Once again, the Sterling Heights Police Department strives to provide the best service to our citizens, especially when it matters most!”

It was not exactly clear what was obstructing the baby’s throat (though WDIV-TV reported that the infant lost consciousness while drinking milk from a bottle) but whatever it was, the officer cleared it out and was immediately rewarded with a reassuring cry from the baby.

Afterward, the Sterling Heights Fire Department took the baby to the hospital.

When Maciejewski was later commended for the calm manner in which he dealt with the stressful situation, he said it was just part of the job. He explained it was his training that allowed him to deal with the emergency in a level-headed way.

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“If I start freaking or if I can’t handle myself or maintain my cool, then that just escalates everything for the family, and I mean as you saw in the video, there was lots of family there,” he said in a later interview shared by the police department.

Many people have commented to thank him for his heroic intervention.

One commenter who owns a local restaurant even extended a special offer in thanks for his work.

“Heck of a job,” Sami Rayshouny wrote on the department’s share of the video. “Couldn’t be more prouder!!! Please SHPD get me in touch with this officer. I’d like to award him for his heroic actions.”

“This is the least we can do,” he continued in another comment. “I’m truly grateful for all of our first responders and our strong surrounding communities. This video of this hero really touched home and I honestly could not be any prouder.”

Many times, social media is a platform where people cause division, but in this case it’s been used to recognize good and create even more.

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