Police Jump to the Rescue After Frantic Parents Rush Choking Baby into Station


An Australian couple was filled with fear after their 8-month-old baby began to choke on food.

They frantically rushed into a police station in Perth, Australia, late on Christmas Eve, seeking help from those inside.

Thankfully, Sgt. Jason Lee knew exactly what to do.

A surveillance video later released by the Western Australia Police Force showed the officer’s heroic actions.

Just a few moments after the distressed parents ran into the Northbridge Police Station,  Lee grabbed the child from his father’s arms and began administering a handful of sturdy pats to the baby’s back.

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It didn’t take very long before the food was dislodged from the infant’s airways.

Lee then showed the parents how they could perform the same life-saving measures he had.

The family shown in the video was close to a station that was staffed 24/7, but not everyone is as close to professional help as they were on Christmas Eve.

Do you know how to perform first aid like this?

“First Aid is very important to know and you never know when you may need to use it,” the Western Australia Police Force wrote on its Facebook page.

The American Red Cross recommends a similar method of helping a choking child as was shown in the video.

Emergency operators are also trained to walk people through life-saving measures that can help save someone’s life until paramedics are able to arrive.

“Our officers receive first aid training and with several years of experience, it looks like that training experience just kicked in and he’s gone straight into action,” Inspector Shane Cook of the WAPF told Australia’s 9 News.

Even though this situation could ended in tragedy, Cook said the happy ending probably lifted the spirits of the other officers in the station that night.

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“It just sort of lifts the place, a situation like that,” he said. “It is positive, it’s a good result, I think everyone would have been all-smiles.”

“Police officers like good stories,” he added.

And who wouldn’t love a story with a happy ending like this one — especially on Christmas Eve?

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