Morris: No Negotiation Table Left for Iran Except the One Where They Surrender


What a difference a strong leader makes.

Former President Barack Obama was as soft as he could be on the oppressive Islamist regime in Iran, lifting economic sanctions against the country, shipping the mullahs hundreds of millions in cash and tolerating Iran’s harassment of U.S. Navy vessels and humiliation of our sailors.

Meanwhile, his successor, President Donald Trump, has taken a no-nonsense approach toward the Islamic Republic, canceling the dubious nuclear deal, reimposing the tough sanctions Obama lifted and putting a stop to the naval follies.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei surely misses the days when Obama was in charge.

In a video posted to his website Monday, political commentator Dick Morris said the Islamic Republic is really feeling the heat from Trump’s actions — and the regime might not survive the crisis.

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“All hell is breaking out in Iran,” Morris said. “There are massive demonstrations in the street. Hundreds of thousands of people in every Iranian city. Major demonstrations. People have been killed. And the regime is really facing the most serious challenge it’s had in a decade.

“But this time the Trump administration is loudly trumpeting, pardon the pun, the idea of regime change and the sanctions.”

The sanctions against Iran dealing with dollar transactions returned Monday and immediately had a powerful impact, Morris said. He noted that the value of the Iranian rial against the U.S. dollar has plummeted.

“This is sparking riots all over the country,” Morris said.

Do you think Trump's policies will bring about regime change in Iran?

More sanctions will go into effect in three months.

“The ones on Nov. 4 are total sanctions that deal with any trade, any ability to operate a bank or financial institution or any dealing in Iranian currency,” Morris said. “And while they’re imposed only by the United States, you know their impact now is global because any company that doesn’t obey them can’t do any business in the United States. …

“Renault, the French automaker, which was one of the first in line to get back into Iran in 2013 when this phony nuclear deal was passed, has already announced that it’s withdrawing from Iran. It’s pulling its facilities out of Iran and looking elsewhere, in Africa, for investments.”

Morris then listed several other companies that are leaving Iran, including the oil giant Total SA, the automaker PSA and the reinsurer Scor SE.

“So the Trump sanctions are really beginning to cut, and the possibility of regime change in Iran certainly can’t be discounted right now,” he said.

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Morris said most of the mainstream media are ignoring the issue, “but it’s happening, and it’s another indication of the enormous impact of the sanctions that Trump is levying.”

“On Nov. 4, the sanctions come against the Iranian oil industry, which should hit the country like a shock wave,” he said. “That’s what brought them to the negotiating table in the first place.

“Now there’s table to go to except for the one where they surrender.”

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