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Mother Used Pizza Slices To Mark Baby's Monthly Milestones & Created These Adorable Photos


With the advent of social media and the push for celebrating all of life’s milestones, people have come up with some very interesting ideas about ways to keep track of those significant events.

It used to be that we had birthday parties and major holidays, but now there are also gender reveal parties, sip ‘n’ see parties and all sorts of cute ways to announce to the world how your baby is progressing on both sides of the womb.

One of the more popular ways of tracking development is to use month markers. There are onesies with month numbers on them, blankets with 1-12 listed out and a wide variety of cutouts to place with or on your youngling so you can snap that adorable shot and let the world know what they’re up to now.

Of course, sometimes it may all seem like a little too much for some viewers (mainly those who are not moms/grandmas or do not have kids themselves and probably don’t realize the joy of relishing every step of the way).

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This general annoyance has led some adults to post sarcastic versions of the “month milestones” featuring adults who are hundreds of months old and whose favorite drink is now wine. Snarky as that may be, it confirms how widespread and recognizable the phenomenon has become.

Now that month markers are fairly well known, though, someone has to up the game. The world needs a new spin on the catchy idea, and one mom from Maryland has absolutely nailed it.

Dani Giannandrea is a photographer from Ellicott City, Maryland. Apparently, she is also a pizza-lover and has combined two of the world’s best things: pizza and babies.

Did you have a creative way to track your child's growth?

While that may sound terrifying at first, a peek at the shots she captured explains it all. She decided to display her son Lorenzo’s age in pizza slices, necessitating a trip to her local pizzeria, Il Forno Xpress, at least once a month.

“When brainstorming different ideas with my mom, Lorenzo’s grammy, she said that I really should do something Italian as an ode to his name,” Giannandrea told Bored Panda.

“I had tossed around a few ideas but ultimately decided if we were going to do this right, we may as well also get dinner out of it each month.”

“Thank you thank you thank you for the delicious and photogenic pizza!” she wrote on Il Forno Xpress’s page. “And especially thank you for never thinking I was insane every month I came in for my monthly pizza!!”

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“Thanks again Dani, these pics are fabulous!” the restaurant wrote a day later. “We love seeing and welcome pics from our customers enjoying our pizza. Please let us know the next time you stop in or order. We would like to give you something extra to show our appreciation. ?? ”

The resulting photos are equal parts adorable and delicious. When that kid gets a bit older he’s going to realize just how much pizza he missed out on, but for now, this is a fun, unique way to track a kiddo’s age.

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