MSNBC Analyst Tells Americans '#DealWithIt' After Suicide Bombing That Killed at Least 13 US Troops


Left-wing ideologue and MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance created a firestorm of criticism over a tweet he posted and then deleted that told Americans to “deal with it” just moments after the country learned it had lost more than a dozen American servicemen in Afghanistan.

Thirteen American troops — among them 10 Marines and one Navy corpsman — died in Kabul on Thursday when a person reportedly affiliated a group called ISIS-K blew himself up. Another bomb also went off in front of a hotel near the airport in the Afghan capital.

At least 90 died while more than 150 others were wounded, CBS News reported.

It almost seemed inevitable, given how badly President Joe Biden has botched the country’s exit from Afghanistan after two decades, that Americans would end up hurt or killed. Thursday’s events were a sobering reminder of just how rudderless our country is.

We’re worse than rudderless. We’re rudderless without a captain or even a first mate.

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Biden refused to speak about the murders of American soldiers and Afghan children for hours upon hours Thursday. Naturally, in his absence, scores of left-wing troglodytes filled the vacuum on TV and on social media.

One of those people was Nance, who upon learning of the death of 13 American men offered some advice: Get over it.

“20 YEARS- FYI there have been terrorist suicide bombers killing civilians DAILY in Afghanistan. This ain’t new,” he tweeted.

“It’s why we are leaving” he concluded, and added the hashtag “Deal with it.”

Apparently, dead Americans don’t mean a lot to someone like Nance, who spends all day on social media spouting leftist talking points and portraying himself as a victim of racism. But those men, their sacrifices and their families were on the minds of scores of people who saw the disgusting take from the MSNBC terrorism analyst. They let him have it:

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Nance would go on to delete the tweet, as he said, with deep “regret.”

It would be nice to see MSNBC’s advertisers targeted by a campaign to cancel a hateful man who doesn’t care about dead young men in uniform. That’s the way the left fights, and of course the left continues to route conservative America in seemingly every battle of the culture war.

Nance is no outlier. He thinks like the people who are currently running our country. He thinks like those who got 13 American servicemen killed in Kabul Thursday. The man is the epitome of callous “wokeness.”

But as Jason Whitlock pointed out, “Nothing will happen to Malcolm Nance,” as he’s a member of a protected class and a member of the country’s ruling party.

Perhaps good-willed people can simply remind him, and others like him, that we know who he and they are at every opportunity. Conservatives, or anyone without a heart of stone, let Nance have it pretty good on Thursday.

They actually got an apology.

It’s time for Americans to go after such people and their despicable language with the kind of energy they come after us with. The country can’t allow the left’s policies, language or disregard for human life to become normalized. The leftists have no shame, and so they deserve nothing but scorn — especially moments after 13 American families are forever scarred.

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