MSNBC: Hillary Clinton Much 'Deeper' Christian Than Trump


MSNBC’s Katy Tur claimed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a “much deeper relationship with faith” and is a more moral person than President Donald Trump.

Tur’s comments came during a interview “Meet the Press” on Monday with Christian Broadcasting Network’s chief political correspondent David Brody, who is the author of the recently published book, “The Faith of Donald J. Trump: A Spiritual Biography.”

Brody told Tur one issue that really made the difference with Trump’s support among evangelicals was his stance on the life issue.

“(E)vangelicals are not going to get behind a candidate like Hillary Clinton who supported partial birth abortion. Donald Trump was the pro-life candidate. He’s fulfilled that in 2017. I know that shocks a lot of people but that is what evangelicals are going to do. And so if you’re –,” Brody said.

Tur interrupted the CBN reporter, saying, “But when you’re talking about people of faith, Hillary Clinton has a much deeper relationship with faith than Donald Trump does. I mean, I don’t understand the…”

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“Well I think that is in the eye of the beholder,” Brody responded.

Tur then argued that Clinton is actually more moral than Trump, citing his prior divorces (overstating the number) and his comments from the infamous 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape.

“I can’t vote for Hillary because of her support on abortion, but I can vote for Donald Trump who has three divorces, who said vulgar things, who has had numerous affairs and bragged about — has bragged about grabbing women by the genitals, bragged about it on tape and yet Hillary Clinton is the more morally hard to swallow candidate than Donald Trump,” the MSNBC host said.

Do you think President Trump is a Christian?

In his book, which is currently the top-selling in the U.S. presidents category on Amazon, Brody and co-author Scott Lamb argue that “Trump won over evangelicals not by pandering to them, but by supporting them and all their most important issues without pretending to be something he’s not.”

The Washington Post reported that Trump carried white evangelicals over Clinton by a whopping 80 to 16 percent, topping George W. Bush’s 2004 tally over John Kerry of 78 to 21 percent.

He also bested Clinton by 52 to 45 percent among Catholics.

Clinton described herself as a “person of faith” during the campaign.

“I am a Christian. I am a Methodist. I have been raised Methodist,” she said.

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Several key Christian leaders backed Trump’s candidacy, forming an evangelical advisory board during his 2016 presidential run, and continue to support him as president.

Members include Pastor Paula White, Jerry Falwell, Jr., James Dobson, Bishop Harry Jackson, Pastor Robert Jeffress, Pastor David Jeremiah, former Rep. Michele Bachmann and Pastor Mark Burns, among others.

White, who is the president’s spiritual adviser and has often prayed with him over the years, told The New York Times in Jan. 2017 that Trump has “a heart for God, a hunger for God.”

The pastor said Trump “doesn’t speak what I call ‘Christianese,'” but added, she knows he has a “personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“We’ve had in-depth conversations about God,” White stated.

She was on hand in May 2017 when Trump signed an executive order establishing a division of “conscience and religious liberty” within the Health and Human Services Department.

“Faith is deeply embedded into the history of our country, the spirit of our founding, and the soul of our nation,” Trump said. “We will not allow people of faith to be targeted, bullied or silenced anymore.”

He went on to contend, “For too long the federal government has used the power of the state as a weapon against people of faith, bullying and even punishing Americans for following their religious beliefs.”

Trump seems very comfortable speaking about the importance of faith in American life.

During the National Prayer Breakfast last month, the president said, “America is a nation of believers, and together we are strengthened by the power of prayer.”

“Faith is central to American life and to liberty. Our founders invoked our Creator four times in the Declaration of Independence,” he added.

“Our rights are not given to us by man; our rights come from our Creator,” he said. “No matter what, no earthly force can take those rights away.”

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