NBA Embraces Woke Mob, Will Paint New Message on Courts for Season Restart - Report


The NBA will make sure you don’t forget about the leftist political movement of the day when the league returns next month after a prolonged hiatus in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Black Lives Matter” will be written on the hardwood.

ESPN reported that the NBA and its players union have agreed to have those words painted on the courts of all three arenas inside the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

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That is where the abruptly paused season will resume in July.

A lot has changed in the country since the middle of March, when the NBA suspended its season after players tested positive for the coronavirus.

Amid nationwide lockdowns pushed on us to counter the spread of COVID-19, an unarmed black man, George Floyd, was killed while in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department.

The ensuing protests and riots and the burgeoning culture war have driven corporations and sports leagues to declare their support for Black Lives Matter, a radical political movement.

Will you watch the return of the NBA next month?

The NBA has sided with a mob that is aiming to take down the system that has made everyone in it, from team presidents to backup point guards, incredibly wealthy.

It has endorsed making you uncomfortable if you don’t support a group that aims to dismantle the nuclear family and topple the country’s founding principles.

If you didn’t know it, the lives of black people matter.

But Black Lives Matter is not a movement that prioritizes the lives of black and other minority Americans.

It is a far-left political movement with ambitions to attack the rule of law.

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The NBA will validate the group as the season reboots in a display of virtue signaling.

If you were hoping to tune in to sports in order to escape the hell on Earth of the last four months, don’t count on it.

Basketball won’t be the escape you’re looking for; professional hoops will be a continuation of the politicization of every aspect of our culture.

NBA games, which could have brought Americans together, instead will remind you that you’re expected to bend the knee to a mob that is no longer content with kneeling for our flag.

It now wants to cancel that flag.

The league’s stars, most of them black and all of them wealthy beyond the dreams of most Americans, will continue being paid millions of dollars to play on a court that bears a statement that no longer represents racial equity.

The Black Lives Matter movement selectively chooses which black lives matter as it wages war, along with other leftist groups, on American life.

Will LeBron James wear a bracelet or a hoodie supporting Jasean Francis, 17, and Charles Riley, 16?

The two black teens were gunned down in Chicago last week, allegedly by 19-year-old Laroy Battle, who is also black, after they asked him how tall he was.

According to ABC News, Battle is quite tall, and the teens asked him about his height, as they hoped to someday be as vertically gifted.

Perhaps the teen duo could have gone on to do great things. We’ll never know.

Chicago police say Battle responded to their questions by shooting them to death.

The silence on the teens’ deaths from pro-BLM basketball stars is deafening.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver also hasn’t uttered a public statement about the slayings.

Will the league tell us that Francis and Riley mattered, or will the league ignore them and go on pretending that the Black Lives Matter movement is a credible organization worthy of having its name painted on NBA courts?

You already know the answer.

The Black Lives Matter movement is demanding that your family live a life without police officers.

And the NBA isn’t simply allowing them to become an advertiser.

The league is endorsing the group and everything it stands for with its despicable display of pandering.

Every human life, including those of overpaid activist athletes, is redeemable through Christ, and therefore matters.

But the NBA, through its decision to legitimize a hate group, is reminding us that professional basketball remains as nonessential to American society as it has been since March.

If the NBA’s decision to support a movement that wants to abolish police officers makes you feel uneasy, remember that it’s supposed to.

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