NBC Poll Shows Voters With Higher Positive View of GOP Than Dems, Trump at Highest Ever


I can’t help but chuckle just a bit at the latest polling coming out of NBC and The Wall Street Journal.

This might be the most significant midterm election in recent history and it appears the left is more fearful of a possible red wave than they are willing to admit in public. There’s a lot of great news for Republicans — but you might have to read between the lines if you rely on the left for its reporting of it.

“Fueled by increased enthusiasm from women, Latinos and young voters for the upcoming midterm election, Democrats hold a 9-point lead among likely voters over Republicans in congressional preference, according to the latest national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll,” NBC reported. “But nearly two weeks before Election Day, the same poll also shows President Donald Trump at his highest job rating yet as president, as well as Republicans with their largest lead on the economy in the poll’s history.”

Go ahead and relish it, but make sure you take that loving feeling to the polls on Nov. 6.

NBC also says: “And in the most competitive House battlegrounds — many of which take place on traditionally Republican turf — congressional preference is tied.”

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Since the Trump era began polling is a different animal than it used to be and I think voters aren’t going to go the way of traditional midterm voting.

But ties in polling aren’t good — they indicate that whichever side is more likely to get their voters to the polls has a better chance of prevailing in the end.

Here’s some of the highlights of the recent polling that provide grounds for some cautious optimism.

The Kavanaugh hearings turned into a train wreck for liberals and created a very prominent favorable rating for Republicans.

For me this is where it all comes together. Approval ratings like this should also flow down ticket — at least, if this were a presidential election year. But since Trump isn’t on the ballot himself, his supporters need to realize that his agenda will be dead in the water if Democrats take control of the House.

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While much of what was released in this poll is good for the right, polling is not always generated and released to the public to give you an accurate snapshot of the political landscape. It’s purpose is often to manipulate the mindset of the voting populace.

In 2015 The New York Times explained just how politicians use polling to try to manipulate your thinking before heading to the polls.

Author and chair of government and politics at St. John’s University Diane J. Heith said:

“If polls are used to identify persuasive language, then our attitudes can suborn support. Knowledge of poll data can also persuade: learning that 55 percent of Americans believe something or support someone can produce a bandwagon effect for those with limited knowledge. Plus, close poll results that fall within the margin of error make positions on policy appear certain when they are actually uncertain.”

Do you plan to vote in the November 6 election?

“Citizens want their views represented while decisions are being made. Polls provide that opportunity in a way that elections do not. But politicians control how polls are used, and if used to manipulate, then we may be worse off than if we didn’t have them at all,” Heith concluded.

Liberals have pulled out all the stops to manipulate this election. Yes, things are looking better than they were two months ago, but is that enough to satisfy you? Wouldn’t it be great to revisit Election Night 2016, when liberals were faced with an unexpected and dramatic defeat?

A big red win in November would send the clearest of messages to the left that America isn’t interested in transforming our country into a socialist state.

Let’s hope it goes without saying that staying home on Election Day would be disastrous — it would give the left exactly what they want, a low Republican turnout.

And I know — why should we believe those polls? They told us Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidency, didn’t they?

Yes, they did. And the reason they were wrong is because you went out and voted. And unless you want to see the Trump agenda come to a screeching halt — a Democrat-controlled House launching investigation after useless investigation and refusing to even consider legislation to rein in government spending and the unconstitutional expansion of the federal bureaucracy — you need to get out and case your ballot on Nov. 6.

And bring a friend.

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