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After Nearly 6 Years Away from Public Eye, Is Richard Simmons Making a Quarantine Comeback?


Richard Simmons is an icon. One of the most recognizable fitness coaches out there, he was guide to many who credited him with their weight loss.

Simmons is a relatable character, and wasn’t always the trim, energetic instructor he became known as.

“Growing up in the French quarter of New Orleans, where lard was a food group and dessert mandatory, Richard weighed 268 pounds when he graduated high school,” his website states.

“An entrepreneur at a tender age, Simmons sold pralines on New Orleans street corners where he learned to charm and entertain his customers.”

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“After trying everything from bizarre diets to laxatives, Simmons took control of his weight by adopting a lifestyle of balance, moderate eating and exercise.”

Since then, his website reveals that he’s helped people lose a combined total of 3,000,000 pounds.

While his website states he “is still going strong,” it’s been a while since Simmons has graced the public with his appearance. According to TMZ, the last time he was seen in public was in 2014.

While he hasn’t been seen in person in years, and there are rumors swirling that suggest he may have already passed on or been held hostage, someone is clearly still putting out newsletters with his handle.

“How are all of you this week?” a recent bulletin, allegedly written by Richard, said. “Are you taking care of yourselves? There are so many fears that can crawl under your skin and haunt you. They live inside you every day and sometimes make you afraid of living.

“There is a fear of not having enough money to live on. You have a house or apartment, a car to drive, and other bills to pay. At times you may be worried about where the money will come from.”

The bulletin also discussed the fear of illness, of losing your own life and losing those close to you.

“But, you can let your fears control you, or you can fight back with cheer,” it said. “Cheer the areas of your life that are working, and constantly remind yourself of these successes! Take control of the things you are able to control, and be proud of the fact you are doing that. If you have extra time, use it to your advantage.”

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The bulletin encouraged fans to use this opportunity to exercise, eat well, and take care of all aspects of their physical, emotional, spiritual and relational health.

It also mentioned that his YouTube and Facebook accounts offer “some little workouts to get in some extra movement at home.”

One of those videos, entitled “How to Do the Richard Simmons Signature Moves Step by Step” was recently published on YouTube on March 23.

The nearly 10-minute video doesn’t contain any new material, but it does offer a “best hits” compilation for followers.

“These Step by Step instructions on Richard’s signature moves will come in handy over the next few weeks and months as more popular workout videos are uploaded,” the caption promises. “Stay tuned, and have fun!”

His account — which has been quiet for the past six years — started posting similar videos three weeks ago, and at the time of writing is offering 13 reposts of videos from years past.

No sign of current Simmons yet, but who knows what the future will hold.

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