Netflix Celebrates New Children's Show for Including a Transgender Kid


Netflix is promoting its supposedly kid-friendly 2020 take on the 1990 TV series “The Baby-Sitters Club” — particularly Episode 4, where the storyline follows a young boy who identifies as a girl and feels humiliated when he is “misgendered” at the hospital.

From Episode 1, it’s obvious that the Netflix version of the show, based on the popular book series, comes with a heavy leftist agenda. It is chock-full of LGBTQ themes, modern forms of dating, online bullying, eating disorders and just about everything else that comes with being a “modern-day” 12-year-old girl.

The unfortunate fact is that it is nothing compared with what it was to be a preteen 30 or 40 years ago.

Netflix took to Twitter to promote the new show — specifically, the episode where Kai Shappley, a transgender 9-year-old from Pearland, Texas, plays Bailey, also a transgender youth who develops a high fever and is rushed to the hospital by his babysitter, Mary Anne.

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During the episode, Mary Anne realizes that the little “girl” she is watching is a boy when Bailey shows her the drawers in his dresser that hold all of his “old clothes.”

Shortly after, Bailey strikes a high fever and is rushed to the hospital, where the nurse refers to her as a boy and hands her a blue gown. Bailey refuses the gown, wanting a pink one instead.

The doctor then comes in and also addresses Bailey as a boy. This is when Mary Anne takes them outside and gives them a talking to. She explains how they’re humiliating and embarrassing Bailey, as they can plainly see that she’s dressed as a girl, and claims they are “robbing” her of her identity.

Anyone who has seen the TV series or read the books by Ann. M Martin can very quickly recognize that these characters, while having the same names from the books, are nothing like they used to be.

The Netflix show carries a TV-G rating, which has some parents rightfully questioning what “G” even stands for anymore.

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Elisha Krauss, mother of four and conservative commentator, was certain after witnessing one episode that her girls wouldn’t be allowed to watch the show.

In a July 15 article for The Federalist, Krauss expressed her deep concern for the direction the show has taken. She said she was excited when she first heard of the show’s reboot, as she loved the books and TV series when she was young — but the excitement didn’t last long.

“Betrayal, internet shaming, eating disorders, menstruation sculptures, feminism, gay dads, divorced families, transgender issues, and Tinder,” Krauss wrote. “Nope, this isn’t the second season of Netflix’s ‘The Politician,’ it’s season one of the ‘kid friendly’ show ‘The Baby-Sitters Club.'”

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She was especially concerned about the many leftist talking points inserted into each episode.

“I was awed at how expertly the writers weaved in feminist lingo and preteen angst while also being slightly scared that this wasn’t an anomaly, but what my girls are growing up with all around them: leftist propaganda under the guise of cute and entertaining television,” Krauss said.

All four of her daughters are under the age of 11, so typically that “G” rating would deem this an appropriate show for them. However, Krauss has learned that she underestimated the modern-day ratings that are being assigned to children’s programs.

”They’re far too young to be watching 12-year-olds kissing at camp, expertly wearing blue glitter liner, or back talking their parents on TV,” she wrote. “I wouldn’t let these babysitters watch our girls in real life, so why would I let my girls watch them?”

Now more than ever, it’s crucial that parents check out the TV shows and movies presented to their children.

It’s no longer enough to trust that a “G” rating means “appropriate for all ages.”

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Samantha Burton graduated from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s in English. She was a news editor for the university’s paper, The Branding Iron.
Samantha Burton graduated from the University of Wyoming with a bachelor’s in English. She was a news editor for the university’s paper, The Branding Iron.