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New Parents Receive Mystery Package After Accidentally Inviting a Total Stranger to Baby Shower


People get wrong-number calls and texts all the time, but most times, they’re ignored or responded to with a decent amount of snark. It’s rare that such a faux pas results in a new friendship with a total stranger, but that’s precisely what happened recently between an Indiana woman and a California family.

Angela White of Indiana was surprised to get an invitation earlier this year for a baby shower celebrating the arrival of a child whose parents were complete strangers.

She knew immediately that that invitation had reached her in error — but she couldn’t shake the sense that she could and should do something lovely about it.

“Every time like I, I thought about it, I was like I — I didn’t get that text just randomly,” White told WXIN. “Like, I don’t know why, but there was a reason why I got that text and invite to that shower.”

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It seemed like a sign, especially since White, who is also a military wife, runs a business called “Brayve Blanket Co.,” where she makes and sells super-soft, chunky yarn blankets.

And what better way to celebrate the arrival of a new little one than with a baby blanket?

“I just kept … I couldn’t get the, you know, that feeling to go away, so, made the blanket and sent it on out with hopes that it would make its way to them,” White said.

When the couple — Candace Countryman and David Amastae — first got the package in the mail, they thought it must be from distant relatives in Indiana.

“My stepdad texted me a pic of a package addressed to me that arrived at their house,” Countryman allegedly wrote, according to a post shared on Brayve Blanket Co’s Facebook page.

“Kinda odd because I had no idea who ‘Angela’ was but seeing the return address was in Indiana, where we have family, I just assumed someone in the family sent a gift for Luna.”

“Curious as to what was inside, I told my mom to go ahead & open the box. Inside was a gorgeous blanket, clearly for Luna. They decided they would call around to ask who ‘Angela’ was & let me know who sent us a gift.

“A few hours later, my sister unfolded the blanket & saw a card was enclosed. Angela, from Indiana, is not a family member or anyone we know at all.

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“She was an accidental recipient of the text invite for my baby shower in February!! She happens to make & sell knit blankets & donates to homeless veterans in Indiana. So she decided to send one our way! My mom said something along the lines of it being amazing how loved/blessed babygirl Luna is! And truly, it is pretty awesome.”

Not just Countryman and Amastae, but even their extended family were amazed at the kindness of a total stranger, and White was happy to have sparked some joy for the new parents.

“It was super fun doing this for Candace and David and Luna,” White commented on the post. “When I got the invite to the shower, I just couldn’t ignore it.”

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