Newsom Tries to Take Credit for Trump Accomplishment, County Is Fuming - 'It's a Slap in the Face'


A California county is none too happy with Gov. Gavin Newsom after he attempted to take credit for an aid package meant for farmers suffering from catastrophic flooding.

In actuality, that credit should largely be given to the administration of former President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Newsom had visited Pajaro, California, the site of catastrophic flooding after heavy rains caused a levee failure last weekend. While visiting, he brought up the $42 million dollars worth of aid incoming to the county.

“I want folks to know, you may know this, but it’s important to reinforce today, March 15, United Way was able to get $42 million from USDA and they’re starting to send out $600 checks for farmworkers regardless of their immigration status,” Newsom said.

There is just one massive problem with Newsom trying to take any semblance of credit here: the $42 million that the governor is referring to had actually been allocated for coronavirus relief for California farmers via a bill that was actually signed by former President Donald Trump in 2020.

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Newsom may have played some role in this money allocation, but it was only ever possible because of the bill Trump had signed.

More worryingly, aside from the matter of responsibility, Newsom is also, apparently, not very good at math.

United Way, a massive network of nonprofit fundraisers, and its president, Katy Castagna, were forced to clarify Newsom’s misleading remarks, saying that the county’s share of the statewide aid package comes in far short of $42 million — to the tune of $300,000.

This means that the county is getting over 90 percent less than what Newsom told them to expect.

Should Newsom apologize for his misleading claim?

As you can imagine, Monterey County is none too pleased with the overinflated numbers and misrepresentation of previously promised, years-old aid as something new.

Raymon Cancino, CEO of Community Bridges, an organization aiding Pajaro in the aftermath of the levee failures told The Chronicle that the plan was a “slap in the face” to farmers in the area.

“These are federal dollars from COVID. I really look forward for (the governor) and the rest of the Legislature to work on a legislative package that is actually going to result in new dollars,” Cancino said.

The Pajaro embarrassment is the second natural disaster response from Newsom this month that has come under intense scrutiny.

Earlier this month, he was blasted for taking a vacation while a massive winter storm battered parts of the state leaving thousands without power.

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This just points to the much bigger issue here, however, and that is that hardly anything is going well in California under Newsom’s watch, and the state appears to be falling apart.

Perhaps the biggest thing that can be laid directly at the feet of Gov. Newsom is the draconian COVID restrictions in the state. Under Newsom, California had some of the most oppressive and illogical mandates in response to the pandemic.

But there are much larger problems than Newsom’s handling of COVID here. California’s crime has spiraled out of control in recent years.

In addition to crime, the increase in the homeless population and the rising cost of living is making California a completely unlivable place.

Is it any wonder then that people are fleeing California for other states such as Texas and Florida? Is it any wonder that some counties are considering secession from the state? Is it any wonder that Newsom had to face a recall election?

In short, Newsom seems to be doing everything wrong in California, and nothing he has done has helped Californians at all.

The one thing he can try to point to in order to say that he has been doing a good job as governor of California, this relief aid to farmers suffering from the flood, is actually not his doing, but rather Donald Trump’s.

But, given how terrible of a job he is doing in California, we really shouldn’t be surprised that he feels he has to pass a Trump accomplishment off as his own.

What else is he going to brag about?

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