Newt: Forget the Blue Wave, Country Will See Red Wave in November


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicted a red wave for Republicans during midterms in a Thursday Op-Ed for Fox News and said the GOP’s momentum is only getting stronger.

Gingrich cited the ethics issues surrounding high-ranking Democrats in California, New Jersey and Minnesota and said voters are fed up with the party’s overly liberal agenda.

“First, New Jersey’s U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez is a Democrat who has been deeply weakened by charges of corruption,” Gingrich wrote. “He was tried in a long, highly publicized trial that ended in mistrial. The government decided not to prosecute again, but the news reports about the case had already shed light on some of Menendez’s actions, which were pretty indefensible.”

Menendez’s scandals give the GOP a chance to flip his Senate seat, Gingrich said, and he also predicted the California gubernatorial race will be competitive.

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Do you think the GOP will make gains in the midterm elections?

“The California primary put Republican John Cox in the general election for governor running against Democratic Lt. Gov. (and former mayor of San Francisco) Gavin Newsom,” he wrote. “The difference in statewide Republican turnout with a GOP candidate on the ballot for governor has been estimated at 23 percent. This turnout will make the governor’s race competitive and could be the difference between winning and losing a number of House seats.”

California voters will react negatively to the state’s gasoline tax increase, its sanctuary state policies and the Democrats’ tendency to sympathize with the MS-13 gang, he said.

Gingrich said the Democrats have been taken over by far-left activists in Minnesota and are offering only fringe candidates on 2018’s ballot.

“This combination of personality-driven bitterness and ideological extremism has suddenly made Minnesota Democrats vulnerable,” he wrote. “Long-time Minnesota analyst Barry Casselman has written shrewdly that former Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty is now likely to be the next governor and that two Democratic House seats are now likely to go Republican.”

Finally, Gingrich said the GOP will benefit most from the nation’s strong economy under President Donald Trump.

“Americans are beginning to conclude that their lives are getting better,” he wrote. “And that President Trump and Republican leadership are a part of that phenomenon.

“The result has been a collapse of the Democratic advantage in the generic ballot from a double-digit lead in December to some polls now showing Republicans on top. This is an enormous shift.”

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“I feel pretty good about my assertion that we are more likely to see a red wave than a blue wave on Election Day Nov. 6,” Gingrich concluded.

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