We Noticed Astonishingly Creepy Details in Biden's Latest Executive Order - What Are They Planning?


Democrats are aggressively re-engineering society in alarming ways, as evidenced by President Joe Biden’s efforts to fundamentally transform the United States by pushing “equity,” lab-grown Franken “meat” and climate alarmism.

On Monday, the 79-year-old career politician signed an executive order whose objective is “advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing” by implementing policies focused on fighting climate change, promoting race-based hiring and eradicating meat consumption.

Predictably, Biden did not state these objectives in clear language but masked them with confusing jargon and hollow platitudes.

“It is the policy of my Administration to coordinate a whole-of-government approach to advance biotechnology and biomanufacturing towards innovative solutions in health, climate change, energy, food security, agriculture, supply chain resilience, and national and economic security,” the executive order said.

Biden said the principles of “equity, ethics, safety, and security” are central to his taxpayer-funded program.

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The order takes a truly dystopian turn, however, with a call to “write circuitry for cells” and “program biology” in the same way computers are programmed.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the vital role of biotechnology and biomanufacturing in developing and producing life-saving diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines that protect Americans and the world,” the executive order said.

“Although the power of these technologies is most vivid at the moment in the context of human health, biotechnology and biomanufacturing can also be used to achieve our climate and energy goals, improve food security and sustainability, secure our supply chains, and grow the economy across all of America,” it said.

Do you think the Biden administration is ushering in dystopian policies?

“We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers; unlock the power of biological data, including through computing tools and artificial intelligence; and advance the science of scale‑up production while reducing the obstacles for commercialization so that innovative technologies and products can reach markets faster,” the order said.

What exactly are they planning?

In Section 1 (f), Biden cited a goal of training a supporting a “diverse, skilled workforce” and a new generation of leaders from “diverse groups.”

Note that “diverse” comes before “skilled” as a recruiting qualification.

This obsessive focus on wokeism is reiterated numerous times, with the left-wing buzzword “equity” repeated throughout the EO.

As a reminder, rabidly pushing racial “equity” has been a major impetus behind many of this administration’s policy decisions. “Equity” means artificially engineering forced equal outcomes, which requires elevating certain races while penalizing others.

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Under Section 7 titled “Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Workforce,” Biden’s edict mandates a plan that must “include a focused discussion of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges and Universities, and Minority Serving Institutions and the extent to which agencies can use existing statutory authorities to promote racial and gender equity and support underserved communities.”

This confusing palaver is code for: Create a new industry of government-funded jobs for black Americans, transgender people and certain other favored minorities.

Aside from the racial preferences for this new industry, it also appears to champion veganism and vegetarianism.

Bestselling author and fitness expert Robb Wolf, a former research biochemist, sounded the alarm on Twitter, saying the EO is quietly trying to force reduced meat consumption.

Wolf also pointed out that if you read between the lines, Biden’s executive order is a boon for Big Pharma and Big Ag — a term used to describe a world in which “all farms are owned by major corporations, which also control the nation’s (if not the world’s) supply of seeds, plants, food, machinery and land,” according to the Genetic Literacy Project.

Numerous other Twitter users expressed concern over what they viewed as a slippery slope into federalized control of farming and our food supply.

The EO affirmed that this administration is a vocal proponent of genetically engineered, lab-grown meat products.

Other commenters worried about what they viewed as a sinister promulgation of biodigital convergence (a.k.a. “transhumanism,” or hybridization of the human race).

Biden’s executive order is a step down a slippery slope toward a future where everyone is ruled by a single, globalist government that programs how you think, dictates what you eat, tracks you via a microchip implanted in your genetically edited body and leaves you owning nothing and having no personal identity.

If you think this creepy future sounds like a hybrid of the dystopian worlds in the film “The Matrix” and the novel “1984,” that’s because it does.

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