We Now Know Why Segments Were Removed from Aldean's 'Try That in a Small Town' Music Video


The reason behind the removal of segments from Jason Aldean’s latest music video has finally been revealed.

On July 14, the country music star released the music video for his latest hit, “Try That in a Small Town,” in which he skewered the violence and civil unrest that has been plaguing major cities for years.

The music video originally featured footage of the Black Lives Matter riots from the summer of 2020, but that footage was later quietly edited out of the video.

Given that the music video was a target of the woke mob for speaking out against leftist violence — including being pulled from the CMT airwaves — one could be forgiven for thinking that Aldean had caved by editing the video.

Fortunately, though that was not the case. Aldean did not want to remove the scenes but was forced to for legal reasons.

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According to TMZ, the footage in question was from Fox 5 Atlanta. The production team had reached out to the news agency asking for permission to use the clips in the music video.

Fox 5 asked for the lyrics to the song, but instead, Aldean’s team sent them an audio recording. Production of the video went ahead anyway, and the footage was used.

Last week, however, the outlet reached out to the production team and asked them to remove the footage in order to avoid legal action, in what TMZ described as a “polite ultimatum,” and the team complied.

So no, Aldean did not bow to the woke mob by removing the footage from the video; he did so to avoid a copyright lawsuit from the owners of that footage.

Do you like Jason Aldean’s “Try That in a Small Town”?

That being said, however, given the leftist control of the media, it is entirely possible that the “polite ultimatum” had less to do with copyright law and more to do with covering for BLM.

The BLM riots in 2020 that followed the death of George Floyd were absolutely horrific. No American will ever forget the sight of cities across the nation being torched by leftist thugs as the country descended into anarchy.

It was these riots that turned many people against BLM and against leftist causes, as they saw how extreme they were. But the media, which tends to share the same agenda as the left, wants us to forget that this happened.

If Americans are reminded that leftists burned down the country with impunity, then they will be less likely to vote for them, and that is something that the establishment media cannot stand.

Aldean’s song serves as a reminder to Americans of the violence that engulfed the country as a result of leftist politics, and it is possible that this is the reason a lawsuit was threatened.

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We have seen celebrities and others who take brave stances on important issues crumble and cave when the left directs its ire at them, so it would not have been impossible for this to be the case this time.

Aldean seems to be sticking by his song, however, and is not removing anything without a good reason.

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