NPR Ignored Hunter Biden Story Because It Was a 'Distraction,' Reports on Joe Biden's Dog Instead


Three months after publicly declining to cover the Hunter Biden corruption scandal, calling it a “distraction,” NPR has run an exposé on President-elect Joe Biden’s adopted dog.

The partially-publicly funded left-wing partisan organization infamously told its audience in an Oct. 22 post on Twitter that it would ignore the Biden email story, which had just been censored by the Big Tech platform. Three months later, after the election, Twitter has amped up its censorship and NPR is still mocking journalism.

As Twitter went after the New York Post for daring to report on a story likely to sink Joe Biden’s candidacy that month, NPR refused to stand by fellow reporters who were doing their jobs.

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions,” said NPR Managing Editor Terence Samuel.

The outlet’s Twitter account shared the quote with additional attached comments.

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“Why haven’t you seen any stories from NPR about the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story? Read more in this week’s newsletter,” the NPR Public Editor account tweeted.

In a follow-up post, the outlet added, “NPR’s media journalist published this analysis of the NYPost’s Hunter Biden story. More about why newsroom leaders decided not pursue more coverage in this week’s newsletter.”

The tweet included a graphic meant to portray the Biden email story as being some sort of scheme cooked up by Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser and the former Breitbart News chairman, and Trump’s attorney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Naturally, contradictory to what NPR’s stooges said, the Hunter Biden scandal grew legs, and the younger Biden is being investigated by the Justice Department. The outlet simply chose to sit on its hands, as did the rest of the country’s activist media.

But in a slap in the face to every citizen of this country on Thursday, NPR advertised a full story about Biden’s dog and the role the German shepherd will play during the inauguration.

“President-elect Biden’s German shepherd, Major, will soon be the first dog to go from a shelter to the White House. That shelter, the Delaware Humane Association, is planning a virtual ‘indoguration’ ceremony for Major on Sunday,” NPR tweeted.

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In a piece filled with extremely compelling reporting, NPR’s Taylor Haney reported that the dog, named Major, has a “wags to riches” tale after being adopted by the 78-year-old career politician.

“[Major will] soon be the first dog to go from a shelter to the White House. That shelter, the Delaware Humane Association, plans to ‘indogurate’ Major on Sunday in a virtual ceremony,” Haney said.

“Soon, Major was in foster with the Bidens. Within months, the news broke that he had found his forever (fur-ever?) home. Biden returned to the shelter with a grown Major to officially adopt him in November 2018.”

“Sunday’s ‘indoguration,’ co-hosted by Pumpkin Pet Insurance, touts Jill Martin of NBC’s Today show along with ‘notable rescue dogs and their parents,’” the NPR stooge added.

Do you think the establishment media will continue to go easy on the Bidens?

The reporter made sure to let NPR’s audience know that President Donald Trump “is the first president in more than a century not to have a dog.”

Does anyone truly care that Trump didn’t have time to pose for photos with a dog while he was salvaging the American economy and fighting for our sovereignty? Did Trump need a furry companion when he spent four years averting involvement in another bloody foreign conflict?

What a hard-hitting piece of journalism from NPR, huh?

A future president’s son is embroiled in a scandal that, if reports are accurate, could conceivably make him a national security risk after he left a digital paper trail across the internet, reportedly earning millions of dollars from the Chinese, Ukrainians and others. That wasn’t newsworthy, we were told.

But Biden’s dog will be crowned in a ceremony next week, as millions of Americans fear they are likely to spend the next four years or longer fighting to stay above water financially and battling to keep their First and Second Amendment rights.

Just wait until the Biden administration’s media conferences. No doubt, when picked for questions, some hack reporters who attacked Trump for years will ignore the calamity the country will surely become by then, and they will revert to asking questions about the White House dog.

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