NRA Announces How It Will Help Keep Schools Safe After Parkland Shooting


In the wake of last week’s school shooting in Florida that left 17 people dead, the National Rifle Association believes that putting armed guards in schools will help keep students safe.

Addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday, NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre said his organization will offer free help to campuses who want to boost their armed security in the aftermath of the tragedy in Florida.

Though gun control advocates have called for stricter gun laws following the shooting, LaPierre said he thinks better protection, not more firearm regulations, will work.

“Our banks, our airports, our NBA games, our NFL games, our office buildings, our movie stars, our politicians — they’re all more protected than our children at school. Does that make any sense to anybody?” he said, according to The Washington Times.

LaPierre also emphasized the need to “harden” America’s schools.

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“Evil walks among us, and God help us if we don’t harden our schools and protect our kids,” he said, as reported by LifeZette.

“In every community in America … they all must come together to implement the very best strategy to harden their schools, including effective, trained, armed security that will absolutely protect every innocent child in this country,” LaPierre added.

With the increased calls for gun control, he warned against the “opportunists” who would use last week’s tragedy to push their agenda.

“Demand what works,” he said. “Put armed security in every school. Fix the broken mental health system. Enforce the federal gun laws against every criminal thug on the street. Prosecute dangerous people when they show up to buy a gun.”

Do you think the NRA's actions will help reduce gun violence?

“And, for God’s sake, put every prohibited person into the system. That’s what common-sense gun laws look like.”

LaPierre told the thousands of conservatives gathered at CPAC that if they value their Second Amendment right, then they should indeed be “anxious.”

“I hear a lot of quiet in this room,” he said. “I sense your anxiety, and you should be anxious.”

“If they seize power. If these so-called European socialists take over the House, and the Senate, and God forbid they get the White House again, our American freedoms could be lost and our country will be changed forever,” the NRA leader stated.

“And the first to do will be the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution,” he said. “History proves it, every time, in every nation, in which this political disease rises to power, its citizens are repressed, their freedoms are destroyed, and their firearms are banned and confiscated.”

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LaPierre passionately defended the right to keep and bear arms, while also emphasizing that the NRA does indeed care about finding real solutions to end the problem of gun violence.

“The NRA does care. We at the NRA are Americans who continue to mourn and care and work every day at contributing real solutions to this very real problem. Real practical action to truly protect our children,” he said.

At the same time, he blasted “the shameful politicization of tragedy” by Democrats and those int he mainstream media.

“They hate the NRA. They hate the Second Amendment. They hate individual freedom,” he said. “Their goal is to eliminate the Second Amendment.”

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