NYC Councilman Blames Police and 'Racism' if 'Protesters' Spread COVID-19


Remember all those years ago when health officials were warning the American people that any gatherings, no matter how small, would lead to the coronavirus ravaging and killing off thousands, if not millions, of people?

Oh, wait. That was only a few weeks go.

That’s very odd. Now, a New York health official seems to think violent rioters are blameless for spreading COVID-19 during their large gatherings.

Instead, New York City Councilman Mark D. Levine, chairman of the council’s health committee, claims American “racism” is making Black Lives Matter protesters act irresponsibly.

He also, of course, blames police for using tear gas on the violent criminals and locking them up. Apparently, he would much rather the police allow the rioters’ brutal rampage to continue unabated.

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“Let’s be clear about something: if there is a spike in coronavirus cases in the next two weeks, don’t blame the protesters. Blame racism,” Levine wrote in a Twitter post.

“And let’s remember that the police are increasing covid risk by: using tear gas, herding demonstrators into tight spaces, putting people in crowded jails.”

Levine seems to believe police force is unnecessary, completely disregarding how dangerous the riots have become, in New York and around the country.

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Looting, fires and physical violence have been rampant among many of the so-called “protesters,” leaving multiple businesses, who were already on their last leg thanks to the coronavirus, absolutely devastated.

Back on May 22, Levine was much more critical of completely peaceful protests.

The protesters were calling for an end to the lockdown and Levine dismissed them outright, despite the increasingly dire economic decline that had pressured them to take action.

This wasn’t his only example of hypocrisy. Early on, the health official had a much different view of the dangers of the coronavirus altogether.

The most egregious part of Levine’s stance, however, is not his hypocrisy. Instead, it’s the tacit approval of the ongoing violence his Twitter posts indicate, a sentiment that he shares with many members of the left-wing media at the moment.

Do you expect an upsurge in coronavirus cases from the current riots?

So far, at least 12 people have been killed, according to the U.K. Guardian, during riots and protests fighting the myth of systemic police racism.

In comparison, as Manhattan Institute fellow and author Heather MacDonald wrote in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, nine unarmed black men were shot by police during all of 2019.

Turns out, the cure is officially worse than the disease.

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