NYPD Cop Playing Basketball with Kids in the Bronx Stuns Them with Insane Shot


It’s not often that we hear good stories about cops anymore. The news is filled with horrible events and if all you did was watch your television, you might feel like the world was an entirely dark place.

But stick around just a little longer, and you’ll be treated to a heartwarming story that might just restore a little faith.

Officer Garthlette James was involved in a shooting that went viral on social media. But no one was hurt — except for the egos of those who doubted him.

James was patrolling the streets in the NYPD’s 50th precinct when he came across a group of kids playing a pickup game of basketball. James requested the ball from outside the park fence.

Nobody thought he’d be able to shoot the ball from where he was, and even fewer people thought he’d make it.

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After he took the shooting position, one of the kids could be heard saying, “You miss, you give me a dollar!”

“We’re going to make it! Trust,” he responded. He took a couple of steps forward and launched the ball over the fence and toward the hoop.

To everyone’s amazement, James drained the shot. Nothing but net.

The crowd erupted as James flaunted for the camera. He flashed the “three” symbol with his fingers and stepped back with a massive grin on his face.

Meanwhile, James’ partner tried to land the shot from next to James. We can’t tell from the video whether he made it or not, but judging by the crowd’s reaction — and probability — he missed.

The video exploded as soon as it hit social media. Multiple outlets reposted the video, and it received millions of views when it was all said and done.

Moments like these deserve to be celebrated. We often hear of negative interactions with police officers, so it’s essential to highlight the beautiful moments they create all over the country.

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This event seems in line with James’ normal mode of operation, though. “I enjoy interacting with the people in the community,”  he later said.

“It’s not a cliché — I really want to make a difference and inspire people.” And he definitely has.

Everyone involved in this video got to walk away with a smile on their face. Officer James brightened the day of everyone who saw him hit the shot — both in person and on social media.

As far as James’ ability is concerned, if he continues to shoot with this accuracy he might want to think about changing careers. It’s not every day that you see someone hit a shot from this far downtown.

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