NYPD Union Endorses Trump, Cites His 'Undisputed Record of Supporting Police'


A New York Police Department union officially endorsed President Donald Trump for re-election on Tuesday.

President Ed Mullins of the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association encouraged citizens, on behalf of his organization, to “vote for President Trump.”

This marks yet another law enforcement organization backing the president’s re-election campaign following months of major leaders in the Democratic Party calling for the defunding of police departments across the country.

“Your vote is your choice,” Mullins said in a statement to Fox News.

“I just ask that you remember that it is more than a choice between two men.

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“It is a choice between world views that will have a very direct impact on police across the nation.”

Mullins went on to tout the Trump administration’s support of police officers across the country.

“The Trump Administration has an undisputed record of supporting police officers at a time when many other segments of society are abandoning or openly attacking us,” Mullins continued.

“The Administration publically pushed back on irresponsible policies ranging from sanctuary city mandates releasing dangerous criminals back onto the streets, to efforts to deny officers of body armor and other life-saving gear, to misguided mandates revising operating procedures in ways that endanger officers and public safety.”

The SBA is far from the only law enforcement organization to come out in support of Trump’s re-election.

The National Association of Police Organizations, the largest police union in the country, endorsed Trump in September, and many others have done the same.

When it comes to Biden, however, the list of law enforcement organizations backing the 77-year-old Democrat isn’t nearly as lengthy.

During the Sept. 29 presidential debate between the two candidates, Trump touted these many endorsements and challenged Biden to name one law enforcement agency that came out in support of him.

Biden couldn’t name a single one.

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Although Biden has claimed on multiple occasions to not be in favor of “defunding the police,” his reasoning appears to be rather semantic.

This summer, the candidate recently a document called the “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations,” which calls for Americans to “reimagine policing”

Many leftists in favor of defunding the police slightly altered their rhetoric to appear less anti-police.

Instead of “defunding police,” leftists are “reimagining policing” and “redirecting funding” towards social programs.

No matter how you phrase it, the result of these policies is the same: less funding for police, which inevitably restricts the police’s ability to protect their communities.

There is only one pro-police candidate in this election, and his name is Donald J. Trump.

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