What Obama Did While 'Paying Respects' to Hawking Proves He's Still a Disgrace


One of the most self-centered and egotistical presidents of the modern era is still trying to steal the spotlight — and no, it isn’t Donald J. Trump.

Barack Obama just confirmed that he thinks the universe revolves around him through his “tribute” to the late Stephen Hawking.

What should have been a message of remembrance for one of the greatest minds of our time — Hawking, not Obama — ended up being another chance for the former president to push himself onto center stage … and pundits quickly pointed out that it’s part of a narcissistic pattern for the 44th president.

“Have fun out there among the stars,” Obama posted on his official Twitter account on Wednesday. That message by itself was a bit odd, considering that Hawking, who passed away on March 14 in the United Kingdom, was an outspoken atheist who disliked talk of the afterlife.

The photo that the former president posted, however, is what drew even more attention. Instead of a tasteful picture of the famous wheelchair-bound scientist, Obama shared an image that literally put himself in the center of the photo, looking down on Hawking.

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“Even in his post-presidency years, Obama marks every occasion with a picture of himself,” responded one Twitter user. Over a thousand people “liked” and agreed.

“It’s not an Obama condolence if he’s not in the picture,” pointed out another user.

They were referring to a trend of Barack Obama “paying tribute” to events and people by… well… pushing himself into the photo at every opportunity.

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One of the most famous examples was a tweet posted by the president in 2013 which was meant to honor Rosa Parks, but which did not actually include a picture of Rosa Parks.

It did, of course, feature a picture of Barack Obama.

“In a single moment 58 years ago today, Rosa Parks helped change this country,” the narcissist-in-chief declared, along with an image of himself looking out a bus window.

Before you dismiss this as nitpicking, take a look at Obama doing essentially the same thing countless times before. This is clearly a trend.

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He did the same thing when Neil Armstrong died, posting a photo of himself instead of the first man on the moon. Tranquility Base here, the ego has landed.

Here he is honoring Arnold Palmer with a picture of the president, not the famous golfer, teeing up a ball.

And a tribute to legendary boxer Mohammed Ali, with Obama awkwardly forcing himself into the picture.

How about a photo of Barack Obama standing in Nelson Mandela’s prison cell, instead of an image of Nelson Mandela, for Mandela Day?

Or a tribute to Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel with — you guessed it — Barack Obama toward the center of the photo. He wouldn’t want all the spotlight going to others!

On and on these examples go, each showing a man whose giant ears are matched only by a massive ego, unable to actually stand aside for even a moment to let the nation appreciate the accomplishments of others.

Stephen Hawking may or may not be on a journey through the stars, but Barack Obama is certainly on a trip of his own: An ego trip, and it doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon.

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