Obama's Endorsement Turned Out To Be Kiss of Death for Candidates


Celebrities were not the only ones who campaigned for and endorsed various Democratic candidates. Celebrities were also not the only ones who experienced an epic fail from their “help.”

In a move that went against the norm, former President Barack Obama also hit the campaign trail, endorsing Democrats in Senate and gubernatorial races. Like his celebrity pals, his help also failed to bring in wins.

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Some have called his endorsement a “kiss of death,” and the election results seem to back up that theory.

The crowds that turned up for his rallies were small, particularly when contrasted with those that turned up for President Donald Trump. This could have been viewed as an indicator of things to come.

The takeaway from all of this could be that the American people are “over” Obama. It could also be that they are sick of the divisiveness.

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Do you believe Obama should get out of politics now?

Obama was known for being divisive during his presidency. That didn’t change when he was campaigning for others, and that may have added to his “kiss of death” for them.

You know the divisiveness in the U.S. is bad when even Rep. Nancy Pelosi, projected to hold her seat in the House of Representatives, calls for an end to it. In her speech after the Democrats won control of the House, she was clear about that.

She said, “We will have accountability and we will strive for bipartisanship with fairness on all sides. A Democratic Congress will work for solutions that bring us together because we have all had enough of division.”

It likely was not intended as an indictment of Obama and his divisiveness. But the voters appear to have said as much themselves when they cast their ballots against those he endorsed.

While the Democrats had enough wins to take the House, they didn’t have the damaging “Blue Wave” wins they hoped for elsewhere. Republicans retained power in the Senate and won gubernatorial seats. Many view this as more winning for Trump and company, especially considering how well Republicans did in the midterms under Trump versus how midterms went for prior presidents and their parties.

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