Obama's Ex-Faith Adviser Rips Democratic Resolution on Nonbelievers: Stupidity 'Transcends Electoral Politics'


Michael Wear, a former faith adviser to President Barack Obama, admonished the Democratic National Committee on Friday for its “stupid” resolution praising “religiously unaffiliated” Americans.

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Wear criticized the resolution as “both politically stupid, but also, just stupid on a fundamental level that transcends electoral politics.”

The resolution called the religiously unaffiliated the “largest religious group within the Democratic Party,” according to Fox News.

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“Religiously unaffiliated Americans overwhelmingly share the Democratic Party’s values,” the resolution stated.

Do you think the Democratic Party is trying to pander to "religiously unaffiliated" voters?

Wear, who served in the White House’s faith-based initiative during Obama’s first term and directed “faith outreach” for the former president’s re-election campaign, predicted that the decision to pass the resolution will only help President Donald Trump’s re-election chances in 2020, Fox reported.

“Trump is absolutely going to run this into the ground,” Wear wrote, “and not just with white evangelicals.”

He said he would have “hoped folks would hold off at least until the guy who wants to nuke hurricanes was out of The White House.”

The former Obama staffer also appeared to lament the influence of organizations behind the resolution — organizations that have helped push the Democratic Party further left.

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“One of the leading organizations behind this resolution tried to end the National Day of Prayer. The Obama Administration opposed them in federal court and won,” Wear wrote.

The organization Wear was referencing, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, has a long history of fighting religious liberty protections and public religious displays.

Wear’s Twitter comments were both serious and sarcastic.

“Geniuses,” he said. “These people are geniuses.”

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