Officer Cares for Children While Brave Young Mother Files Domestic Violence Report


When you’re in a tough spot and going through a difficult situation you never thought you’d have to face, supportive friends and family can be lifesavers.

While we may assume those close to us will lend a hand or step in, it can come as a surprise when strangers offer to help. We usually don’t expect anything more than mild interest from people who don’t know us.

But there’s a West Jordan, Utah, police officer who definitely made one mother’s day a little more bearable this week. Officer Lofgran took time to do something rather mundane.

He wasn’t chasing down the bad guys or handing out speeding tickets. He held a baby and watched some kids while a woman did one of the most boring things known to humankind: She filled out paperwork.

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But the paperwork was a domestic violence report, and getting it completed was crucial to the safety of the young family. So Lofgran pitched in to help as he could.

“Our records clerks caught Officer Lofgran during a call detail the other day,” the West Jordan Police Department wrote in a post on their Facebook page Nov. 15.

“A young mother came in with her small children to file a domestic violence report. Officer a Lofgran helped watch over the children while this mother got the help she needed for that day.

“He spent hours on this call. Thank you for your service! #westjordanpolice #wecare #backtheblue”

The policeman wasn’t looking for the limelight, but it has found him anyway. Thousands of people have reacted to the story and found this officer’s behavior commendable.

“Thank you for showing just one of the many acts of service our Officers do on a daily basis!!!!” Angel Shuler Burnside wrote.

“Thank you to our good hearted officers,” Patricia D Messer added. “We appreciate you.”

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“I’ve shown up to a couple calls with officer Lofgran,” Taylor DeGooyer chimed in. “He has always been super nice and friendly to everyone at an accident or other reasons. Way to go Officer Lofgran! Love WJPD! (love from Tric Towing)”

“Beautiful,” Colleen Austin wrote. “And a message to mom.

“You did it and you can do it all, even when it seems impossible. You and your children will be better for it <3

“For women (or men) who may be seeing this and are in similar situations. I know how hard it is. Take care of yourself and know there is help when You need it <3<3”

Thanks to Officer Lofgran, that’s exactly what this mother was able to do: Get help when she needed it.

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