Officer Finds Student Blue on Floor without Pulse. Fights to Bring 'Her Back to Life'


We have heard it many times from rescue workers after witnessing a heroic deed, “I was just doing my job.” But for 17-year-old Dakota Domer, the job of one officer saved her life.

Resource officer Shane Everhart was called to a classroom in Martinsburg High School when a student was found unresponsive. Domer was found on the floor, not moving and turning blue.

Everhart didn’t stop to think before he responded and, after calling the paramedics, he immediately began CPR. “I had done CPR a few times out on the road, but nothing to this extent,” Everhart said.

He was joined by the school nurse, Rhonda McDaniel, and together they continued CPR until the much needed Automatic External Defibrillator, or AED, arrived.

“To everybody that was involved, they just did what they were supposed to do,” said Martinsburg High School Principal Trent Sherman.

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But an officer just doing his job saved the life of a girl who was more than just a student to him.

“I had a different relationship with her,” said Everhart. “I hang out with her class in the mornings, eat breakfast with them. We fist-bump when we pass in the hallway.”

Domer’s mother Kimberly was notified at work that her daughter had been taken to the hospital. “When I got that call, my world came crashing down,” she said.

“She’s a fighter,” said Kimberly, relaying that her daughter had already overcome epilepsy-related challenges. She goes on to say that her daughter loves school and would fight to go.

Domer was taken to Berkeley Medical Center and was immediately put on life support. She made a full recovery and was later released.

Without Everhart’s quick response and his ability to remain calm under pressure, things could have turned out much different for Domer.

“They’re forever in my gratitude,” said Kimberly of the handful of school staff that worked together to save her daughter’s life.

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Everhart was recognized, along with other staff members, at the Berkeley County (W.Va.) Board of Education meeting.

He was presented with an award and given a standing ovation for his heroic efforts.

“I understand and appreciate what they’re doing for me (at the meeting), but I was just doing my job,” said Everhart, in true hero fashion.

Humble and kind, Everhart still gets emotional when talking about the day he saved the life of a young girl, his fist-bump buddy.

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