Officials Find Killer on US Border, Posed Threat to 19 Million People


If you listen to the left and the mainstream media, the U.S.-Mexican border is a quiet and peaceful stretch of land, and the only people who try to cross it are desperate mothers trying to escape poverty with their kids. Who would want to put a wall there?

Reality, as is often the case, is very different. The border with Mexico is unfortunately a hotbed of criminal activity and constant smuggling… and officials just stopped a stunning amount of a deadly substance before it was able to enter the United States.

“A massive drug bust in Mexico uncovered 100 pounds of fentanyl, along with a slew of other illegal drugs, authorities said Thursday,” The Associated Press reported.

“Police discovered the haul near Ensenada, located in the Mexican state of Baja California, after pulling over an SUV that lacked a front license plate,” the report continued. That location is just 30 miles south of the border.

A hundred pounds of any drug is a significant amount, but fentanyl is particularly potent. The lethal capabilities of the substance stopped during just this bust are staggering.

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“Fentanyl can be fatal in doses of just a few milligrams,” the AP explained.

“To put the size of the haul in perspective: four and a half pounds of the drug that was seized in Columbus, Ohio last year was said to be enough to potentially kill the entire population of the city of 860,000 people, according to prosecutors at the time.”

Let that sink in: Experts believe that 4.5 pounds of fentanyl is enough to kill nearly a million people if properly administered. That means that the 100 pound seizure had the ability to kill over 19 million people. That’s roughly equivalent to every man, woman, and child who lives in Florida all dropping dead.

As if that wasn’t enough, additional narcotics were also found in large quantities during the same drug bust.

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“The back of the vehicle was stuffed with several sacks filled with the synthetic opioid fentanyl, as well as 914 pounds of crystal meth, 88 pounds of cocaine and 18.5 pounds of heroin, police said,” the AP reported. The vehicle with the hidden contraband was stopped before it could cross the U.S. border.

As with many drugs, users of fentanyl may not be purposely trying to kill themselves, but the potency of the synthetic opiate makes overdoses very common. Famous cases of fentanyl overdose include the musician Prince and rock legend Tom Petty.

“Fentanyl is up to 50 times more potent than heroin. It’s extremely dangerous to anyone who may come into contact with it,” explained the DEA.

“Fentanyl is often mixed with heroin to increase potency, but dealers and buyers may not know exactly what they are selling or ingesting. Many users underestimate the potency of fentanyl, significantly raising the risk of overdose,” the agency continued.

Even if the arguments against mass illegal immigration are set aside, drug busts such as this one are stark reminders of why a secure border is so important.

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We may never be able to completely control the flow of deadly drugs, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. Even stopping a handful of these shipments could save the lives of Americans, and reduce the stream of cash that is flowing to terrorist-like cartels south of the border.

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