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Omarosa Won't See a Single Penny from Book Sales Based on This Nightmare Scenario

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Word of former reality television star and White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s book release spread like wildfire, accompanied by a number of claims, some of which have since been publicly refuted.

Now it seems no matter what her book sales, Omarosa may not be profiting from her efforts, after all.

Titled “Unhinged,” which some may suggest fits the author better than the subject of her tome, multiple alleged sources for her scandalous claims have publicly stated they did not say or witness what Maigault-Newman has stated in her book that they did.

In fact, the cast of characters denying her book’s statements or her credibility seems to be growing on a daily basis.

As one example, pollster Frank Luntz, who is also an author of four books, was quick to take Manigault-Newman to task, posting his complaint on Twitter. He even noted the page on which the disputed claim about him could be located:

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Then Luntz took it further by explaining what she did wrong.

He also included a video clip of Manigault-Newman talking about an alleged “N-word tape”:

Do you believe Omarosa's claims about the Trump White House?

Yet, even after all of this, the book continues to be sold, with one estimate being that Manigault-Newman could rake in a cool $10 million for it. It hardly seems right not only that such a questionable piece of work be put into print by any reputable publisher, but also that the author could potentially reap a large wad of cash from sales to those who are more interested in smear than fact, such as those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

But never fear, good citizens: Once again it is Super Trump Team to the rescue! Arbitration has now been filed by Trump campaign lawyers in New York against Manigault-Newman seeking millions, which could include her “ill-gotten profits” and writing fee for the book.

The cause of action cited is an alleged violation of a non-disclosure contract Manigault-Newman signed in 2016 prior to beginning work with the Trump campaign that allegedly remained in effect and covered her work in the White House.

A campaign official elaborated on the filing, noting that, “President (Donald) Trump is well known for giving people opportunities to advance in their careers and lives over the decades, but wrong is wrong, and a direct violation of an agreement must be addressed and the violator must be held accountable.”

A sample of the agreement given to the Washington Examiner states that she was never allowed to “disparage” any member of the Trump family during her “service” or at any time afterward.

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How effective such a filing will ultimately be remains unknown, as some dispute the non-disclosure agreement could still be binding after she began work for the White House or that one that appears to violate an individual’s right to free speech could be enforceable.

For now, any downside the infamous “Apprentice villain” might see in her revenue would be from lack of sales, although a similarly disputed and disparaged “Fire and Fury” by columnist Michael Wolff had made more than $1 million, with a possibility of hitting $7.4 million. Former FBI Director James Comey’s “A Higher Loyalty” tripled the sales of Wolff’s book in its first week, according to the Los Angeles Times, proving there is a high-paying market for negative books on President Trump and his White House.

And that is a key point raised by critics of Manigault-Newman’s book: that it was a quick way to make a buck and if not stopped, it will likely erode the credibility of future exposés written by perhaps more authoritative sources. If publishers no longer care about the truth, than the line between fiction and non-fiction could eventually become so blurred as to no longer be visible.

The public already has trust issues with the establishment media. If publishers are no longer differentiating fact from fiction, what hope is left of truth being relevant when there is power and money to be gained from the quick and easy lure, with no stop gaps, of publishing lies?

With the president not quite halfway through his first term, and a second term seeming likely, it is also likely that unless something changes, more questionable attacks against Trump and his administration will be made for the fame and money it can so easily bring. This is unlikely to be what he was referring to in his talk of creating jobs and wealth for America as president, and it would be a sad consequence of it.

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