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Op-Ed: Biden and Harris' Values Simply Don't Match Up with Everyday Americans' Values

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Vote your values.

That is an expression we often hear around this time that is supposed to help remind voters not just to vote the party line but to vote based on your values.

In this election, it would be impossible for Democrats and independents to look at the Biden-Harris ticket and say the radical Democratic Party of today matches their values.

Being from Arizona, and still having family in Arizona, I know the values Arizonans cherish. We value having independence that is rooted in our quest for freedom, and we value opportunity to thrive and provide for our families.

Arizonans want safe schools and neighborhoods, but that is not what they will get from the Biden-Harris team.

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The radical Democratic Party is championing the call to defund the police. This will leave communities from Flagstaff to Yuma unsafe. This reckless policy will only hurt those communities of color and more fragile communities that need the protection and service of the brave men and women in law enforcement. Luckily, this movement was actually rejected by the Phoenix City Council.

Arizona voters value a safe and secure southern border. Open borders allow dangerous criminal aliens into America. This is unacceptable. The pain that human trafficking inflicts has to be prevented. The flow of illegal drugs must be stopped. The violent actions of MS-13 and other criminals must be halted.

Voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris means a bigger federal government that calls for dangerous open borders which will leave all Arizona cities and families more susceptible to the negative elements of illegal immigration.

Furthermore, when it comes to jobs and resources, illegal immigration actually hurts the most vulnerable among us. Poorer communities have their much-needed resources diverted to pay for non-Americans, and that is not right.

Do President Trump and the Republican Party reflect your values?

The dignity and honor that comes with having a job is another thing that Arizonans value.

I watched my Papa, Walter J.R. Dennard, work every day in the hot Phoenix sun first for Sears and then his own AC and refrigeration company. I saw my mother wake up every day to provide for me and then work weekends as an entrepreneur to pursue her own American dream.

In a Biden-Harris America, the days of major companies expanding and coming to Arizona to create more jobs and opportunities would be over. The days of companies moving back to or our country from overseas would be over.

In reality, companies would flee our shores and Americans would lose.

In Biden’s America, we would not see a record low corporate tax rate or the unprecedented deregulation and low taxes for working Americans because he has already said he will raise our taxes and reverse all of the Trump tax cuts. The last thing Arizona families need or want next year is a dramatic increase in taxes, insurance premiums and energy costs.

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Having a quality education for our children is something that I know Arizonans value because I am a product of school choice.

There are so many positive examples of charter schools in Arizona, with well over 500 charter schools in the state, and yet the radical Democratic Party of today has pushed an agenda Biden and Harris now embrace, an agenda that calls for the end of charter schools and educational choice for students.

In this election, we have to ask ourselves: What do we value in America? What do we want our future to look like?

If you value a candidate who will keep your taxes low and fight to bring more jobs into Arizona, that is President Trump.

If you value a candidate who supports school choice and charter schools, that is President Trump.

If you value a candidate who is against the practice of late-term abortion and supports life and more opportunities and resources for those in foster care, that candidate is President Trump.

If you value a candidate who will have trade deals like the USMCA that actually work for us and not against us, then your candidate is President Trump.

If you value public safety and smart reforms to our immigration system and peace in the Middle East, then your candidate is President Trump.

President Donald Trump has an impressive record of results, accomplished in just four years, that match with the things we value most for our families and friends.

His actions, policies and record of success are benefiting us right now.

The record-low unemployment, tangible resources during COVID-19 and support for veterans, law enforcement and parents show us that if we vote our values, we vote to re-elect President Donald J. Trump.

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Paris Dennard is a GOP political commentator, strategist and senior communications advisor for black media affairs at the Republican National Committee.