Op-Ed: If Marxists Get Their Way, America Could Experience Its Own 'Reign of Terror'


With nearly 100 days until the next presidential election, America is still gripped by widespread coronavirus fears, mob violence and social upheaval in many Democratic urban strongholds throughout the country. The ideological divide is greater than ever before.

But this cultural moment does have an historic analog.

Flip back through the pages of history textbooks and you will find many startling and ominous similarities to the 18th-century French Revolution. France was riddled with social problems, most notably a rigid inequality between classes of citizens living in a centralized economy (unlike the faux inequalities decried by America’s neo-Marxists). In France, only the chosen nobility under the king enjoyed lavish, gluttonous lifestyles.

France reached its tipping point.

French Enlightenment secularism, political corruption, financial fraud, food shortages and crushing national debt from a long series of wars transformed common civil unrest to revolution. The French radicals, led by Maximilien Robespierre, would ultimately seize control of the government, execute political enemies — including the king and queen — and begin the barbaric, blood-soaked political cleansing of France known as the Reign of Terror.

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Without the violent, unlettered masses, Robespierre’s Reign of Terror would not have had the useful idiots necessary to meet its demands.

Today, America is incessantly bombarded by fake news propaganda with messages of victimization, hatred and division. Words like “systemic,” “racism,” and “justice” are used without meaning or context by members of both the elite media and the academy.

The propaganda does not correspond with reality; rather, it is emblematic of the cause of cultural Marxism with the goal of completely toppling society.

George Floyd’s horrific death in May is hardly what motivates the mob or the protests today. Churches, homes, businesses, police stations and entire communities have been burned, looted or destroyed, causing billions of dollars in damage since these “peaceful protests” started.

Do you think the current unrest in America resembles the French Revolution?

Some of the worst perpetrators of violence are those “victims” who have either experienced hardships of their own making or none at all.

Let’s not forget the wildcard of the useful idiots: antifa.

Reports of white agitators unaffiliated with peaceful protests busing in from out of town and showing up with pallets of bricks to lob at windows point to antifa, the amorphous so-called anti-fascist group gaining credibility and popularity as the left continues to radicalize.

Where Robespierre called for a balance of virtue and terror during a time of revolution, provocateurs like antifa follow suit by calling for “pre-emptive self-defense.”

For virtue, members of antifa hold high the tenets of “The Communist Manifesto” and claim to fight for unshakable equity for all mankind. For terror, they simply punch whomever they identify as “Nazis” and claim the moral obligation to actively protect society — often by force — from ideologies that would threaten that equity.

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In addition to the mob of useful idiots, there is another category of influential players on the scene: the useless elites.

Where France had its nobles and royals who would give generously to various charities on the surface while wildly mismanaging the affairs (and funds) of the nation, America has its virtue-signaling celebrities, career politicians and mainstream media. These are largely “woke” white people and liberal elites living in America’s most celebrated watering holes and gated communities.

You know the type.

They glibly find racism on syrup bottles or boxes of rice. They also feel a deep sense of personal satisfaction when they placate their consciences by virtue-signaling their contempt for all faux vestiges of racism on social media.

None of them eat corn syrup or boxed rice; it doesn’t mean anything whether these products are pulled from the shelves or not.

These same elites cry “#MeToo” while ignoring the fact that their preferred presidential candidate has faced allegations of sexual assault.

The point is they don’t care. It is about self-righteous preening and public posturing that comes at no personal cost.

For woke white elites, it is easy to publicly smear Catholic boys wearing red hats as hateful while turning a blind eye to a political party that has promoted policies of segregation, violence, unionized education, poverty and abortion for 50 years. It costs nothing to do so and black lives are never considered in the equation. That isn’t the point. It’s never the point.

America’s “cancel culture” of character assassination and daring “public virtue” hearkens back to the French guillotine. The populist peddlers beheaded anyone who defied the mob. Even Robespierre fell victim to the cancel culture he helped to create in France.

These lessons have been forgotten, but they will soon be learned and remembered in America.

Joe Biden, who once developed a reputation as being tough on crime, is now promoting socialism and mob rule in many of America’s cities. He has no mental capacity to lead, let alone carry out a fight should he ascend to the presidency.

In this cultural moment, we must realize the significance of our history and lessons of the past. These are challenges that we must recognize and confront as they are a threat America at large.

While I trust the steady hand of a sovereign God to direct the course of human events according to his perfect will, we must ask ourselves: If God made us for such a time as this, what then must we do?

The answer is easy, but the task is difficult. We must stand and fight, no matter the cost. We can address the real changes that face the nation without succumbing to the leftist terror, and we can be instruments in God’s hands to shape the hearts and minds of the next generation.

Make no mistake. We either pay that price for victory today or suffer the fate of failure tomorrow.

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