Op-Ed: The Media's Response to the Nashville Shooting Proves It's the Enemy of the People


If you ever doubted the extent to which the occupying class despises Christianity and traditional families, sift through — if you can stomach it — the trash headlines that spilled out of the corporate media gutters in response to last week’s horrific school massacre, which left six dead: Evelyn Dieckhaus, 9; Hallie Scruggs, 9; William Kinney, 9; Cynthia Peak, 61; Katherine Koonce, 60; and Mike Hill, 61.

The assailant reportedly identified as transgender and was being treated for an “emotional disorder.”

Normal responses to this sort of abhorrence include grief for the families of the victims, anger at the senseless violence of the perpetrator, horror at what appears to be the ideological motivation behind the crime, and admiration and gratitude for the bravery of the police who fearlessly took the fiend out.

Even our Second Amendment-illiterate friends and family members who think unconstitutional gun grabs are the way to prevent mass shootings exhibit understandable, albeit misguided, reactions.

What’s entirely perverse and dysfunctional, however, is the line adopted in sync by the establishment media, which is fretting about how this anti-Christian hate crime may impact the “trans community.”

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“Fear pervades trans community amid focus on Nashville shooter’s gender identity,” claimed NBC News. The Washington Post, The New Republic, the Huffington Post and the Los Angeles Times all accused Republicans of escalating and exploiting “anti-trans rhetoric.” The Guardian scolded the “far right” for being “desperate and bigoted.”

Vice went so far as to accuse the right of “using the Nashville shooting to declare war on trans people,” and Salon warned against “stoking anti-trans fears.” Even the National Weather Service chimed in on Friday — just days after the deadly rampage — with a belligerent shout-out to the supposedly much-maligned trans community.

The distorted nature of this reporting raises three important issues.

Firstly, that media ghouls are evincing a greater concern for the deranged shooter’s alphabet soup community than for the families who’ve had their loved ones snatched from them demonstrates how perfidious these outlets are. Indeed, one can scarcely imagine a more callous and contemptuous middle finger to the victims’ grieving families.

The purported purveyors of news and information are flaunting their contempt for Christian families, their values, their safety and even their most basic right to life.

Secondly, the characteristically coordinated media response highlights, as always, the quite frankly impressive degree of organization, unity, discipline and activism that is integral to the communist nerve system.

From the 1920s, official Kremlin talking points were disseminated via Moscow-controlled publications like the Daily Worker, the official organ of the Communist Party USA.

When the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact was announced in the summer of 1939, fascist Germany, the scourge that had driven many into the Communist Party’s arms in the first place, was suddenly the Soviet Union’s ally. Gears shifted, and a new memo was hastily dispatched denouncing British and French imperialism and warmongering and praising Soviet and German pacifism.

Two years later, when Hitler betrayed Stalin and invaded Russia, Communist International issued new directives. The anti-war campaign was dropped, and anti-fascism, military aid and intervention were once again the party line.

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Fellow travelers and sympathizers were also groomed to parrot the pro-Stalin line.

In the 1930s, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist and Moscow correspondent Walter Duranty infamously lied about mass starvation in Ukraine in exchange for official favors and subsidies from the Kremlin. Worse, Duranty sought to discredit and distort what he knew to be factual reporting from other sources. (The Pulitzer board to this day refuses to revoke the prize for Duranty’s rubbish reporting.)

The final takeaway from Nashville is that, whether it’s the stalwart defenders of “democracy” at The Washington Post or the goblins further down the totem pole at the Daily Beast, the communists and droid hirelings have definitively revealed whose interests they serve — and they’re not those of the living God.

Indeed, the humanist, materialistic, revolutionary agenda for which they pimp themselves out is a defiant contradiction of Christ, who “came so that all men might hear the truth.”

Last week, Tucker Carlson correctly argued that “the trans movement is the mirror image of Christianity and therefore its natural enemy.”

One cannot surrender to God’s supremacy, acknowledge along with the White House propagandists in last Friday’s “Transgender Day of Visibility” proclamation that all children are made in the image of God, and simultaneously imply that the Creator got it wrong, that the individual can deny and reimagine his most fundamental biological makeup, and that the general public must embrace that illogical and blasphemous position.

There is no way of reconciling such diametrically opposed worldviews.

That said, the trans movement itself is just a fabricated, neo-Marxist manifestation of an underlying socialist and anti-Christian spirit. Trans chaos is engineered and exploited to kneecap cultural stability just as the “climate emergency” is manufactured to empower the state and ravage the economy.

Assuming different names and forms, this demon reared its head in France in the closing years of the 18th century and later spurred the writings of the tormented Karl Marx. In 1917, it propelled Vladimir Lenin and his ragtag group of German-financed exiles and dissidents on the long train ride from Zurich to St. Petersburg to tear asunder tsarist Russia and abort the Romanov dynasty.

It drove Hitler’s devastating nationalist socialist agenda and is responsible for the murder of tens of millions of Chinese nationals since FDR’s compromised administration helped hand China over to Mao Zedong in 1949.

Throughout modern history, this demon has sought to divide, control, subvert, overthrow, destroy and enslave, always seducing its victims with the serpent’s ancient lie: You shall be as gods.

This is the most formidable foe facing Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian legacy. Last week, the media threw down the gauntlet and disclosed the extent to which it is aiding this aggressor. Its reptilian response to the shooting in Nashville was a treacherous affront to the traditional family and the Christian faith.

The ideologues, zealots and apparatchiks, together with the faceless powerbrokers who feed them their scripts and talking points, will spit on the graves of our children if it means advancing trans delusion, and most importantly its ideological progenitor: a predatory, revolutionary and anti-Christic movement that’s fueling the madness and forcing this country to its knees.

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Carina Benton is a dual citizen of Australia and Italy and a permanent resident of the United States. A recent West Coast émigré, she is now helping to repopulate the country’s interior. She holds a master’s degree in education and has taught languages, literature and writing for many years in Catholic and Christian as well as secular institutions. She is a contributor to The Federalist, a practicing Catholic and the mother of two young children.