Op-Ed: If Trump Fails, So Does America - And That's a Risk the Left Is Willing To Take


Left-wing favoritism by our media has been around for decades, but the degree to which they openly show that favoritism is reaching new heights.

Distinguishing between the Democratic Party and the mainstream media is not only unnecessary nowadays; doing so may result in a scolding from our Department of Redundancy Department.

The mainstream media are unashamedly liberal and they want Democrats in power; we get it. But we increasingly see not only open media partiality in favor of Democrats and leftist causes but also blatant examples of the mainstream media and Democrats actively rooting against the success of President Trump and Republicans — even when that stance means pulling for America itself to fail.

It was clear that the media was rooting against President Trump from the time he entered the presidential race on his ride down that escalator in Trump Tower in June 2015, and their reactions on election night 2016 removed any doubt of their allegiance.

Then, throughout the Russia hoax, we saw that bias every time they had an update they could overstate as a “bombshell,” and we saw it again as they could be seen overtly hoping for damning evidence during the impeachment hearings.

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One could make the argument that by actively cheering for bad news for the president during both affairs, Democrats and the media were rooting against America even then; fair enough.

But the Russia hoax and cheering for impeachment pale in comparison to what we have seen more recently.

When news broke in early January that U.S. forces killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, most Americans had never heard the name before. Within days, however, we got a much clearer picture of who he was and why we took the actions we did.

In addition to creating and leading the 200,000-member Quds force — Iran’s paramilitary group dedicated to the destruction of Israel — Soleimani also “built out and directed Iran’s global network of proxies, spies and terrorists,” according to CNBC. In addition, according to a statement from the Defense Department, Soleimani was organizing terrorist activities against American troops and diplomats in Iraq.

Indeed, Soleimani was a bad guy, and the president’s actions may very well have saved numerous American lives. But to hear the media and Democrats tell the story, Soleimani’s assassination was an egregious overstep by the president, and unwarranted; Soleimani was not the bad guy, President Trump was. They had their pompoms out and were cheering loudly, but they were not cheering for America.

Within hours, the criticism from Democrats and the media poured in.

NPR and others questioned the legality of the president’s actions, clearly hoping to pin some sort of criminal allegation on him, but to no avail. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was highly critical of the move, saying there likely was a lack of an “imminent threat” prior to the actions being taken because, apparently, we should always wait until threats are imminent before addressing them.

Additionally, Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut suggested President Trump may have “knowingly [set] off a potential massive regional war,” and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation actually examined the question, “Could tension between the US and Iran spark World War 3?”

Now, over nine months later, Trump’s actions regarding Soleimani were undoubtedly a masterstroke. There was no massive regional war, we have not been launched into World War III and it is highly likely that the recent, groundbreaking treaty between Israel and the UAE was at least somewhat enabled by Trump’s show of strength in taking out Soleimani.

Today, however, we find ourselves witnessing even more egregious anti-America cheering from both Democrats and the media, only now it is regarding two issues that are even more potent and the stakes are much higher: COVID-19 and racism.

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It is clear, at this point, that Democrats believe that any good news on COVID-19 is bad news for them and will negatively impact them in November. They have painted themselves into a corner. They have pushed so hard on the narrative that Trump has “blown it” with COVID-19 that any good news on the virus will hurt their argument.

CNN, which is essentially just a mouthpiece for Democrats now, recently accused Trump of “[cranking] up pressure on administration health officials to expedite work” on a vaccine, and pointed to “a persistent polling deficit and a struggling economy.” Apparently CNN did not even consider the possibility that the president wants a vaccine because it is good for the country and could save thousands, even millions of lives.

Do you think the Democrats and the media are actively rooting against America?

If an effective vaccine is produced, it could very well be good news for Trump in November, and Democrats and the media cannot have that.

In a recent opinion piece, Pulitzer Prize-winner Laurie Garrett stated unequivocally, “Trump’s Vaccine Can’t Be Trusted,” adding “If a vaccine comes out before the election, there are very good reasons not to take it.”  Garrett may have legitimate arguments on the dangers of a vaccine, but she destroys her credibility when she calls it “Trump’s Vaccine,” as if the president is running around the White House basement in a lab coat, carrying test tubes.

We have seen similar reactions from the left with potential treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and plasma therapy. Make no mistake: Good news on COVID-19 is bad news for Democrats and the media, and they will do everything they can to downplay or prevent it.

We see a similar approach regarding the current racial strife in the country.

When Jacob Blake was shot by Kenosha police on Aug. 23, there was no hesitation by either the media or Democrats. The shooting was unjustified and it was driven by race, period. There was no need for any other evidence; it was open and shut as they immediately jumped the gun.

Within days we discovered that police were responding to a report of domestic violence and sexual assault by Blake, crimes for which he has since been charged, pleading not guilty. We also found out that Blake was in possession of a knife when he was shot, with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel running a remarkable, since-altered headline declaring Blake had a knife, but was “otherwise unarmed.”

And the only evidence pointing to Blake’s shooting being driven by race is that the officer who shot him was white, and that is all the evidence Democrats and the media need.

Which raises the question: Would it not be better for our society if it turns out that the police acted properly?

Would it not be good news for everyone if it is determined that the police’s actions were not driven by race, which certainly seems to be the case, and they simply followed reasonable protocol?

The answer is obvious. The media and the Democrats need there to be bad news for America until they are given total power.

They want COVID-19 to continue being problematic, and they want our economy to suffer as a result. They want America to be perceived as systemically racist, and they want us to be divided by race, class or anything else — so long as we are divided.

Our media and the Democratic Party need America to fail so Democrats can get elected and swoop in to pretend to fix things, thereby claiming victory, and they are willing to do anything to make that goal a reality.

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