Op-Ed: The War in Ukraine Actually Goes Back to Benghazi - Just Think About It


The Russian invasion of Ukraine by President Vladimir Putin has left many in America confused about his real motives and intentions. And the establishment media has been working in overdrive to ensure that the American people don’t understand the ramifications of President Joe Biden’s greatest failure yet.

Putin is a political opportunist, a saboteur and a relic of the Cold War. He served as an intelligence officer for the infamous Soviet KGB and is rumored to have been a sponsor of pro-communist terrorism. His decades-long political career has been defined by predatory opportunism, subtle bitterness over the Soviet defeat in the Cold War, fierce nationalistic loyalty to mother Russia and, even more than that, loyalty to himself.

As a predator, Putin searches for weakness, especially from his rivals and enemies. He saw weakness when Obama, Biden, Clinton, et al., refused to protect American interests in Benghazi in September 2012, instead abandoning diplomats, intelligence officers and military personnel to die at the hands of Islamic terrorists. Putin got the message loud and clear.

Putin seized territory in Ukraine at the beginning of 2014, less than a year and a half after Benghazi. He gambled on America’s display of weakness — and won. Obama, Biden and Clinton whined but did little to nothing.

But then Donald J. Trump was elected president of the United States.

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Say what you want about Trump, nobody thought he was a weak individual — even Trevor Noah from The Daily Show recently admitted that fact. Video clips of Trump yanking the much smaller Russian leader in an aggressive handshake indicated that the White House would not be playing games with Putin. Similarly, Trump has claimed that he made it clear to the Kremlin that any nonsense would result in the bombing of Moscow.

So what did Putin and the Russians do during Trump’s entire tenure in the Oval Office?


But Putin, like the rest of the world, watched Biden rambling away from a movie set across the street from the White House, unable to read a teleprompter. He observed Biden disappearing to Camp David while the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, hunted down U.S.-allied civilians and happily commandeered the most sophisticated military weaponry in the world.

Putin realized that he had a window of opportunity that the Soviets of the Cold War era could only dream of. By invading Ukraine with few repercussions from the U.S. and NATO, Putin is sending a message to the entire world. The U.S. under Biden & Co. is simply too weak and completely uninterested in protecting its allies.

Unlike the Trump administration, the White House is now willing to rescind all standing as a global superpower and stronghold of deterrence. Putin is telling the whole planet (in some cases verbatim in news conferences) that the U.S. is crumbling, not only domestically but in the realms of foreign policy and prowess.

Through the invasion of Ukraine, Putin has established that he, not Biden, is now the dominant player influencing smaller nations, including those in the Middle East. Accordingly, Russia has issued statements working to reverse Trump’s diplomatic actions, such as his recognition of the Golan Heights as sovereign Israeli territory. Even now, Russia is an integral part of the nuclear negotiations between the U.S. and Iran. And at Russia’s bidding, the terms of the “deal” just got far worse for America and therefore for Israel, the United Arab Emirates and other nations opposing Iran.

Putin’s real purpose in Ukraine was to dismantle America’s reputation of strength. His goal was to win the heavyweight championship belt by showing the world that the Mike Tyson that was the United States now can’t even put boxing gloves on, let alone get into the ring. He wanted to shatter any lingering confidence that American allies like Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and others might have had despite the Afghanistan debacle.

A Russian lawmaker demanding the return of Alaska isn’t just a prank. It is a statement to the entire world that Vladimir Putin and Russia as a global force are simply more powerful and more fearsome than the U.S. under Biden could ever hope to be.

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Trump himself alluded to Putin’s mockery of Biden’s weakness and insisted on the necessity of showing strength in a recent interview with Fox Business.

“We say, ‘Oh, [Putin] is a nuclear power,’ but we’re a greater nuclear power. We have the greatest submarines in the world, the most powerful machines ever built. … You should say, ‘Look, if you mention [nuclear weapons] one more time, we’re going to send them over and we’ll be coasting back and forth, up and down your coast. You can’t let this tragedy [in Ukraine] continue. You can’t let these thousands of people die.”

This is the real purpose of the Russian invasion of Ukraine that, coincidentally, the establishment media has neglected to tell you. Putin has already achieved an astonishing victory with unprecedented global ramifications that are effectively unraveling the Soviet defeat at the hands of the U.S. at the end of the Cold War.

It is highly unlikely that Biden in his senile weakness will show Trump-like strength and mitigate Putin’s victory. Instead, he will undoubtedly allow America to remain a laughingstock in the eyes of the entire world and our allies.

Biden will let Putin win.

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Ben Kerido is an American-Israeli special forces operator and former U.S. Department of Defense contractor focusing on psychological warfare training and now serving in the Israel Defense Force reserves. He and his wife Sarai live in Jerusalem and are writers for Intrepid Tower Publishing and hosts of the "From Israel with Love" podcast. They are also the authors of five books, including "The American Holocaust: Early Tomorrow Morning," an Orwell-style thriller and satirical parody of the American and Middle Eastern political and military arenas.