Op-Ed: Yes, There Is a Battle Raging Between Normal and Crazy - But We Know Who Wins in the End


Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ response to the president’s State of the Union address struck a chord with millions of Americans. Strangely, the elites in Washington and New York are puzzled by her assertion that there is a struggle in our country between normal and crazy.

The crazy in just the last few weeks includes CBS, one of the nation’s oldest and most trusted television networks, broadcasting the 2023 Grammy Awards, in which so many expletives had to be bleeped out of songs and acceptance speeches that it was hard to follow along.

Then came the “unholy” and disgusting satanic ritual disguised as music featuring demons clad in red, with flames in the background highlighting an individual pole-dancing inside a prison cell, belting nonsensical lyrics. Not only did the audience praise the display, but CBS tweeted a teaser in advance saying, “We are ready to worship.”

CBS used to be the network American families tuned to for wholesome entertainment like “I Love Lucy” and “The Andy Griffith Show.” The network executives in their New York high-rises might be reminded that 63 percent of Americans are Christians, and worship to them means going to church on Sunday.

A few weeks ago, Burberry, the luxury British fashion house famous for its plaid-lined trench coats and scarfs, released a Valentine’s Day ad on Instagram. The ad was a picture of two teen girls holding each other; one was bare-chested, with the scars of a breast removal surgery clearly evident.

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Not sure what this troubling picture has to do with plaid attire, but the intent to shock is clear. This campaign has nothing to do with selling clothes, but is selling a damaging ideology to young women that if you don’t like your body, the only answer is to become a man.

Recently, a former youth transgender clinic case manager in St. Louis revealed the horrifying truth about what’s taking place at transgender clinics and medical care facilities around the country.

Jamie Reed, a self-described “queer” woman and a liberal, told her story to The Free Press, saying, “I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle.” Reed explained that the treatment she saw was “morally and medically appalling.”

Yet retail companies like Burberry, Balenciaga, American Girl and others continue to push this crazy on kids.

Meanwhile, a just-leaked document from the FBI recommended infiltrating traditionalist Roman Catholic groups for suspicious “extremist” activity. Yes, going to church every day is very suspicious.

In Nebraska, a state legislator just proposed legislation that would make it illegal to drive kids to Vacation Bible School or church camp, referred to as “religious indoctrination camps.” This was offered as an amendment to counter a bill that would protect children from sexualization and exposure to sex shows.

Why would a bill that protects kids from sex shows be necessary? Well, last summer, an Erie, Colorado, elementary school hosted a “drag queen story hour” featuring Shirley Delta Blow, a man who likes to dress as a woman and talk about sex to children as young as 4 years old. Let’s not even get started on the books in the library like “The GayBCs,” “Queer Ducks and Other Animals” or “The Pronoun Book.”

Surely even liberals would find this troubling — sexualizing young children, robbing them of their innocence in the name of the new “diversity, equity and inclusion” scheme that seeks to undermine traditional values and moral truths.

This is not a unique incident; similar stories are popping up all over the country. Missouri officials recently discovered that 30 middle school children from Columbia attended a drag performance at a “values diversity breakfast.”

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Had enough of crazy?

There has always been a struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, normal and crazy.

The crazy would shirk all those traditional, religious notions of an ordered creation where truth exists and natural law is affirmed to say anything goes and we’ll stick it in your face until you relent, accept it, and go back to your houses of worship and never enter the public square again. Or we will label you extremists and send you to jail for practicing your faith.

The unshackling from the normal creates nihilism, the belief that life is meaningless and that there is no truth, justice or beauty in the world. It creates chaos and desperation and the destruction of civilization.

This story has played out too many times in history to be a fluke. The normal will continue to battle against the crazy. We know who wins in the end.

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Penny Nance is CEO and president of Concerned Women for America, the nation's largest women's public policy organization.