Opinion: President Trump and Republicans Must Focus on Winning the House


Republicans are going to do very well in the Senate. On the low side, we will pick up 2 to 3 seats, and on the high side 4 to 6. We will definitely not lose the Senate — you can take that to the bank.

So now the smart strategy is to concentrate on the House, which is much more in play. There are about 30 very close races in the House, perhaps more.

Combine that with the fact that there are 40+ Republican House members who have announced their retirement or are simply not running for re-election and you can see how it easy it might be for the Democrats to flip 23 Republican seats and gain control of the House.

Now, I don’t think they are going to do it. I think Republicans are going to win most of the seats where they are down in the polls by 1 to 5 points just as Trump won many states where he was down in the polls, but that does not mean holding the House will be easy.

Holding the House will take work, especially with the new district lines that favor Democrats in states like Pennsylvania and California. The Democrats could pick up almost half of the 23 flips they need in those two states alone.

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So it would be a good strategy to place the Senate on a back burner for now and ask the president and his fundraisers to concentrate on competitive House seats.

After all, what difference will it make if we gain 5 seats in the Senate versus 3, if we lose the House? The answer: Not much.

If we lose the House you can forget about passing legislation on any Republican issue, like the wall, tightening our immigration policies and beefing up the military, and you can also forget about getting many more judges who have an originalist outlook confirmed. And here, I’m talking about any judges, whether they are nominated for the district courts, circuit courts or the Supreme Court.

That is because if we lose the House the Democrats will be attacking Trump and all his nominees like wild, vicious dogs. They, along with their powerful allies in the mainstream media, could very well paralyze the Senate, even if we have a 54 – 46 majority.

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Just remember that very few Republicans in the Senate are real street fighters who have the backbone to take on the mainstream media. If the MSM calls for a halt in confirmations of originalist judicial nominees, and if the House is in full-blown attack and “investigation” mode, we will look back fondly on Senator Lindsey Graham’s counter-attack moment during the Kavanaugh hearings and wish, forlornly, for a few more counter-attacks that probably will not be made.

So here is my message to the strategists in the White House: Put your money, your time and your effort into close House races. Don’t worry about the Senate, that’s a done deal. Ask the president to campaign for candidates running for the House, not the Senate.

And if we hold the House, as I think we will, and gain even as few seats in the Senate, watch, as it all hits the fan.

With even a small majority in the House and a 54-46 majority in the Senate, and with the new fighting attitude that Trump is infusing in the Republican Party, watch as we pass law after law and get judge after judge confirmed.

That’s when the president will be able to really pursue his agenda. He has done well up till now, but he has been hindered by the unholy alliance between the Deep State, the Democrats, weak-kneed Republicans and outright Republican opponents, like the late Sen. McCain and the soon to be private citizen Jeff Flake.

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This will all change if we hold the House and gain 2 to 6 seats in the Senate. The president will then be able to get a real attorney general into office and we will really start to fight back and drain the swamp.

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