Outrage as Evil Scheme Uncovered Involving Autistic Boy, 10, and Woke Medicine


The heartbroken dad of an autistic 10-year-old boy is planning to sue a Minnesota “gender clinic” where his son is undergoing transgender counseling — against the father’s wishes.

“The counseling is to try and convince him that he is a little girl … I cannot let his happen,” Brenton Netz wrote on his website.

“I do not believe that my son is transgender and should not continue with these treatments,” he said.

Netz said the boy’s autism makes him vulnerable to suggestions that he has gender dysphoria — a belief his mother aggressively encourages, according to the father.

“[His] mother has had him in therapy at a sexual and gender medicine clinic since he was seven years old,” Netz wrote.

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“He has been ensnared in a gender dysmorphic culture that disproportionately affects children with autism … due to their highly impressionable and obsessive personalities.”

Netz said the boy’s mother is a librarian (ironically, at a Catholic university) who enrolled their son in CentraCare’s Gender Medicine Clinic in St. Cloud, Minnesota, without his consent in 2018.

It does not appear the couple ever married, and they split up during her pregnancy. Netz said he and the boy’s mother shared the bills and he was present for the baby’s birth. He said he remained a regular presence in the boy’s life until his first year, when Netz claims she tried to cut him off from their son.

Since then, the two have had a litigious relationship over custody of the boy.

The “gender-affirming” clinic in which the boy’s mother enrolled him in 2018 claimed he was transgender and wanted to refer him for puberty blockers after just two months of treatment, according to The Daily Wire.

Taking puberty-blocking drugs is a preliminary step before he’s given female hormones in preparation for sex-reassignment surgery in his mid- to late teens.

The boy was “weeks away” from being referred for the puberty-blocking hormone drugs when his father obtained a court order to halt the process.

He is still in transgender counseling at the gender clinic, but the court order Netz obtained prevents his mother from pursuing medical interventions for “gender dysphoria.”

Netz is alarmed that the boy’s mother and the gender clinic have prioritized trying to change his son’s gender instead of focusing on his primary diagnosis of autism.

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Basically, Netz doesn’t understand the rush to fast-track the boy into a sex change at such a young age when he has legitimate health issues that are far more pressing.

“My son does need treatment [for autism],” Netz told The Daily Wire. “It’s gotten so bad. His real problems have been neglected for years.

“And that’s going to be another one of our arguments in court: that CentraCare is not only not solving the problem, they’ve exacerbated and they’ve stalled real treatment that should be happening because they’ve pinned all of his problems on the ‘fact’ that he’s a girl stuck in a boy’s body, and they can fix that with hormone therapies and surgeries.”

Jennifer Bauwens, the director of the Center for Family Studies at the Family Research Council, said she doesn’t understand the rush to fast-track a child’s gender reassignment.

“This therapist is introducing hormone blockers, feminization, hormone therapy, and surgical options within two months of seeing this child now,” Bauwens told The Daily Wire.

“I’m perplexed that someone would offer such radical treatment to a nine-year-old within two months of treatment.”

This tragic case spotlights several important issues.

One is the shockingly flippant attitude that these self-proclaimed “gender specialists” take toward children in their rush to diagnose them as transgender.

The other is the cavalier, hostile attitude that society has taken toward men in general and fathers in particular. Fatherhood is under attack in the United States and around the world.

Just look at the left’s latest sacred cow: Black Lives Matter, a Marxist group founded by a trio of black lesbians whose stated goal was to dismantle societal patriarchy and abolish the nuclear family.

Transgenderism has become a trendy topic among Democrats and the establishment media during the past few years. The intense focus on this fringe movement has seeped into pop culture, medicine, politics and academia.

The left gleefully lionizes transgender activists while ignoring the harrowing crisis at the border, the race wars destroying the country and the sickening crime waves erupting on our streets.

Is this distraction intentional?

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