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Owner Flabbergasted When She Discovers Dog Got Head Stuck in Wall


A California woman began to become concerned when her dog wasn’t responded to her calls. When she saw her dog’s tail wagging, she was horrified to see why her dog wasn’t coming.

Kerri Foust of Manteca thought her beloved Luna had run away on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018.

“I thought she got out or chased a cat over the fence,” she told CBS 13.

As she continued to call, Foust finally spotted a canine tail wagging in a bush, but she was still confused why Luna wasn’t answering her calls.

She decided to investigate and what she found flabbergasted her.

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Luna had somehow wedged her head in a small hole of a cement wall and was completely stuck.

“She was getting scared and there was no way her head was coming out of that hole,” Foust said. “I tried to put soap and water around her neck, but that didn’t work either.”

A little panicked, Foust called 911 in hopes that they could help free the frantic pup.

Has your pet ever been in a predicament like this one?

Joshua Burke of the Lathrop Manteca Fire District told CBS 13, “We’ve had very much the traditional cat stuck in a tree. We have had ducklings stuck in sewer drains.

“We get every kind of call you can possibly imagine and all the ones that you’re never going to think of.”

When the fire department arrived, they were amazed at the predicament this poor pup had gotten herself into.

It didn’t take them long to figure out a solution. “Firefighters on Rescue 30 used a pinch bar and sledge hammer to carefully remove a portion of the concrete block to free Luna’s head,” the fire district wrote on Facebook.

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The rescue only took 10-12 minutes.

According to Foust, Luna has come away with little to no pain despite the shame that was evident in a picture captured by the rescue team.

Foust is thankful for the quick actions and problem-solving skills displayed by the fire department. She said, “It was a really good outcome and the fire department came together, they are amazing.”

She also shared that she plans on removing the wall soon to prevent this from happening again.

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